Brad Keselowski jeers Hendrick Motorsports VP, branding him as a ‘babysitter’

Brad Keselowski jeers Hendrick Motorsports VP, branding him as a ‘babysitter’

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NASCAR, known for its high-speed racing and intense on-track rivalries, recently witnessed a clash between Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez, at the Darlington inaugural playoffs race that left fans and drivers buzzing with excitement.

In the midst of this drama, Brad Keselowski, driver and co-owner of RFK Racing, couldn’t resist taking a mischievous jab at Chad Knaus, the seasoned vice president of competition at Hendrick Motorsports.

Keselowski’s Labeling HMS Knaus The “Babysitter”

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During a segment of “NASCAR Race Hub,” Brad Keselowski, Chad Knaus, and Austin Dillon shared their opinions on last weekend’s on-track altercations.

Knaus expressed disappointment over the clashes, emphasizing the need to improve relationships among the Chevrolet teammates.

“I see job security for Chad. Whenever there’s a lot of problems, you need people like Chad to come in and solve them.” Keselowski added.

“When people ask Chad, ‘What do you do?’ You’re like, ‘Well, I’m kind of a babysitter. Example 1.’”

Bowan and Suarez fingers at each other for their collision, with Suarez accusing Bowman of lacking caution and Bowman retorting that Suarez was notorious for aggressive blocking.

The Cup Series drama unfolded at the Darlington inaugural playoffs race, with clashes on the track and playful banter off the track.

Keselowski’s remark labeling Knaus as HMS’ “babysitter” sparked curiosity and conversation, shedding light on the dynamics within the NASCAR community.

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