Denny Hamlin says Saurez was trying to prove

“Took himself out trying to prove a point” – Denny Hamlin says Saurez was trying to prove in a scenario he couldn’t win

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Denny Hamlin voiced his opinion on the late run-in between Alex Bowman and Daniel Saurez at Darlington during Sunday’s Cook Out Southern 500.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver said that, to a certain degree, it was the fury of the Mexican driver Suarez that caused the wreck.

With less than 50 laps left in the race, Bowman was in a fierce contest for P8 with Suarez. The HMS No:48 was upfront and declined to let the Trackhouse Racing No:99 Chevy overtake him.

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The confrontational maneuvers from both the drivers while defending and attacking resulted in a wreck with both suffering heavy damage and collecting Harrison Burton along the way.

During his podcast, Action Detrimental Denny Hamlin said that Saurez was trying to prove something in a scenario where he couldn’t get the win.

“It’s really close, I mean, you know, Suarez took himself out, you know, trying to prove a point there, so I don’t know that he really win with that scenario.”

“Yes, he wrecked Alex saying, ‘hey, you don’t block me up.” I mean, I agree with Bowman that they know blocks too, so it’s hard to throw a stone; it’s hard to any of us to throw stones because we all do it,” Hamlin said.

Hamlin also shared that Suarez could have made a better decision.

“You know if you’re pissed off at Bowman for blocking, then I think there’s probably ways to get him in the fence that don’t take yourself out, but you know it’s just I don’t know, it just seems like kinda like a rage thing.”


“Certainly running both of their days, which is unfortunate to both of them,” Hamlin added.



Trackhouse racing No.99 Daniel Suarez called Bowman a “Dummy” after his day ended early at Darlington.


“I’m a little too heated…I hope I don’t see him in the next 15-20 minutes,”

“He has five minutes of being a Dummy and he used it against the the 99.” Suarez said.

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