Kenny Wallace reveals the reason he quit FOX

“It’s filth..I’m p*ssed all the time” – Kenny Wallace reveals the reason he quit FOX

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Former NASCAR driver and Fox Sports analyst Kenny Wallace revealed the real reason why he quit his role as the analyst.

Wallace is one of the admired figures in NASCAR. His career spanned 25 years, where he had nine wins in the Xfinity Series. After his racing career, Wallace tried his career as an analyst for FOX.

However, he quit his role there in 2018 for reasons related to the airport. Jeff Gluck of The Athletic spoke with Wallace for the “12 Questions” series. During the interview, the two talked about airport etiquette and Gluck asked Wallace:

“You’re at the gate at the airport and you’re waiting for your flight. Somebody nearby is watching a video and they do not have their headphones in and it’s very loud. Everybody around can hear it and everybody is looking at them. Are you supposed to ignore the noise? Do you move seats? Do you just put on headphones? Or do you say something to them? What are you supposed to do?”

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Wallace answered that he didn’t like people taking off their shoes or putting music too loud in the airport. In fact, he called the airport “filth” and revealed that he quit his job at Fox because of having to fly too much and not being able to bear the airport.

“The reason I quit FOX Sports is because of that question. The more you go to the airport, the angrier you get. I cannot stand the airport. It’s filth. It’s a bunch of people who want their space, and you’re not going to get it because you’re all piled on top of each other. If I’m traveling every week and I’m one of the traveling NASCAR media, I’m p*ssed all the time. I despise the airport because everybody’s about themselves.

“So I’d either move seats if I’m in a good mood, or you’ve got to say, ‘Excuse me, I can’t hear myself. Can you please turn that down?’ And then most likely you’re gonna get into a fight. (Laughs) But this is the world we live in. It’s brutal.”

It can be brutal at times but that’s part of the hassle of the airport. But Wallace has other options, among them racing in the dirt tracks.

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