Ryan Blaney confesses to Dale Jr. that he and Chase Elliott had planned to orchestrate a post-race fight

Ryan Blaney confesses to Dale Jr. that he and Chase Elliott had planned to orchestrate a post-race fight

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Ryan Blaney managed to hold off William Byron to gain a victory in the rescheduled rain-delayed Coca-Cola 600 on Monday at Charlotte Speedway.

Blaney tried his best to hold back tears with a drought of 59-race winless streak lifted from his shoulders.

The Cup Series race had delivered a dramatic moment that involved two of his close friends in the garage.

It all started when his friend from Toyota Bubba Wallace was shoved him during a rain stoppage of the race by Aric Almirola. 

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The second incident involved his Chevy friend Chase Elliott who was given a one-race suspension for a deliberate right-hooking Joe Gibbs Racing Denny Hamlin.

Blaney was featured on the Dale Jr. download podcast, where he confessed to Dale Earnhardt Jr. that he and Chase Elliott had once made plans for a post-race fight. 

“Chase and I, funny we’ve been talking about staging fights. Chase and I have been talking about staging one for years. Like, kind of rub each other a little bit on the racetrack, like at the end of the race. – Blaney

Get out and just go to town on each other. Could you imagine the headlines? That would be so cool… I would get destroyed by all the Elliott fans,” – he summed up.

Ryan Blaney went further into details about Elliott’s HMS teammate William Byron dating his sister

“Yeah, no William’s great. It’s been fun to get to know him, you know, from a very personal level now, especially him being at a bunch of the family functions and all that stuff. He’s a great kid. I mean, he’s an awesome guy and I really enjoy being around them,” Blaney said.

Byron and Erin Blaney have been dating since 2020 when it was made public.

“And then racing him you know, it’s one of those things, it’s like racing one of our good buddies, right? You race hard but you know, you have respect for each other, too. But yeah, he’s been cool to get to know,” Blaney added.

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