Dale Jr. expecting a messy race in the Chicago Street Race course

Dale Jr. expecting a messy race in the Chicago Street Race course with a lot of mistakes

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The much anticipated NASCAR Cup Series in the Chicago Street Race course is now less than a month away.

The race is set to take place on a street circuit in Chicago on the first weekend of July. It is the first-ever street race in NASCAR history.

Two-time Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. already had the opportunity to do a test run there in an SUV in regular traffic. Having had doubts about the possibility in the past, Dale Jr is excited about the prospect of the race in the street.

“I have long been excited about a street course race in NASCAR,” Earnhardt said. “I just didn’t know when or where it might happen or if it would ever happen.”

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Despite the excitement and anticipation, the race could prove to be a challenging affair for both NASCAR and the drivers as it is a completely new experience for them. Dale Jr. is already expecting a lot of mistakes to happen and the race to turn messy.

“Even that little strip of paint will have different grip than the surface of asphalt,” he said. “So at a high rate of speed, 100 miles an hour, through a turn like this, going across all those imperfections and changes can be a challenge.

“In that first practice, there will be so many drivers making mistakes, having problems, hitting things… Yeah, and messy is good in this instance. So, it just really confirms the challenge of a street course or any new course.”

Despite the messiness, the race will certainly be an entertaining affair. And if it goes way, it could pave the way for further such races in the NASCAR schedule.

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