Tony Stewart rips into today's "vanilla and wimpy" NASCAR drivers

Tony Stewart rips into today’s “vanilla and wimpy” NASCAR drivers for not confronting each other

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Tony Stewart didn’t mince his words in his criticism of the current NASCAR drivers on how they don’t handle confrontations as “men”.

The three-time Cup Series winner was a very aggressive person during his racing career, at least on the race track and during incidents with other drivers. He has had a history of confrontations and retaliations during his racing days.

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However, when he sees how the NASCAR drivers handle such a situation, Stweart feels disappointed. In fact, he called the nature of today’s drivers “vanilla and wimpy”.

“It’s sad in our sport how vanilla and wimpy all these drivers are,” Stewart said on “The Kenny Conversation.” “They literally won’t confront each other at the track. They’ll just sit there and wait till they get home and beat on each other on Twitter where nobody has to face anybody.”

While different era demands different measures of handling similar situations, Stewart seems to be of the opinion that his nature of handling the situation in the past was more manly.

“We grew up in a different era. I remember drivers coming up in the lounge, and it wasn’t always bad … but if you did something wrong … they would literally come in your trailer and talk to you in your own lounge. … Talk in each other’s motor homes after practice was over, after the race was over.

“You handled it and you did it eye-to-eye. You did it face-to-face. You did it as men.”

Stewart was very direct with his criticism this time. Just last month, when Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace got into a confrontation in which Larson backed out, Stewart suggested that Larson should have fought back. That was probably his way of saying that Larson should have dealt with it as a “man”.

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