Dale Jr. blasts unfair criticism towards Bubba Wallace

“Puts up with more bulls**t than anybody deserves” – Dale Jr. blasts unfair criticism towards Bubba Wallace

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The 23XI Racing’s No. 23 driver Bubba Wallace is on the receiving end of unfair criticism more often than not in his NASCAR career.

Despite his racing talents and getting wins every season after joining 23XI Racing, Wallace is judged unfairly for racial reasons. Just last weekend in North Wilkesboro’ Truck race, he received boos from certain sections of the fans.

And then, someone keyed into his team’s radio and left a derogatory message for the driver in the All-Star race on the same track.

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There are many drivers that drive in top teams and can get away without winning races for a long time. However, despite Wallace proving time and again his calibre to race in the Cup Series, he still has to face a lot of criticism more than any other driver.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. made this evident when he said in his Dale Jr. Download podcast that Wallace has to deal with “more bulls**t than anybody deserves”.

The 23XI Racing’s driver has been nothing but a beacon for positive changes in NASCAR in the last couple of years. He was at the forefront of demanding NASCAR for racial equality and justice.

Outside the track, he has won one race each in the last two seasons with 23XI Racing.

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4 thoughts on ““Puts up with more bulls**t than anybody deserves” – Dale Jr. blasts unfair criticism towards Bubba Wallace”

  1. He brings it on himself. Running his mouth shooting a bird on tv He is a entitled spoiled brat that plays the race card. Has he ever apologized for the noose deal that was proven false. No grow up bubba

  2. Patrick James

    Bubba never saw the “noose “ so why should he apologize? I get the pleasure of talking to Bubba every time he comes to Daytona and I can tell you he is a class act! Always humble never stuck up like some of the drivers I have to deal with. Nascar needs more drivers like him. Rock on #23 go kick some ass!!!

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