Clint Bowyer mocks Kyle Larson over the lack of his knowledge regarding cars

Clint Bowyer mocks Kyle Larson over the lack of his knowledge regarding cars during All-Star race

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Kyle Larson turned in a very dominant performance, leading a race-high 145 laps, on his way to the win at NASCAR’s All-Star Race.

The 2021 Cup Series champion is enjoying a fine season and already has two wins, five top-five and five top-10 finishes this season. He added the non-point All-Star Race win to his collection for the season.

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Recently added to NASCAR’s list of the 75 greatest drivers, it is a general consensus that Larson is one of the best drivers in the current NASCAR crop. However, as per the former Stewart-Haas Racing driver and current FOX commentator, the 2021 Cup champion lacks in a particular aspect of knowledge.

“I’ll tell you another funny thing about him [Larson]. He doesn’t know how to work on anything. It makes me laugh. Like we all grew up working on cars. He grew up racing cars.”

“Pretty good at it, I know that,” Waltrip said.

“Half-inch wrench, nah,” Bowyer mocked Larson. “I think that’s a toolbox over there. I think that’s over there.”

Whether it is true or now that Larson doesn’t have a good knowledge of the car setup, it is not exactly necessary for one to win Cup races. As much as it is Larson’s heroics on the race track, there is as much effort outside it or during it to make it happen. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Larson is one of the excellent drivers that the series has ever seen.

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10 thoughts on “Clint Bowyer mocks Kyle Larson over the lack of his knowledge regarding cars during All-Star race”

  1. You term it mocking, I call it telling it like it is. Only goes to show you that growing up racing improved his talents while not being distracted by working on the thing.

  2. Joe Schiavone

    Bower your mouth is like 7/11 never shuts! Your annoying, and think you know it all! If you you know so much why did you suck so bad?! Trust me your jealous of watching real winners every weekend and contemplating on how bad you sucked! And of course whiner drama boy wallace won’t be penalized! No suprise

  3. Joe Chambers

    Fact: I watched Kyle Larson carry in and install his own racing seat in a Silver Crown car at the Springfield Mile. And guess what… he was using tools.

  4. Kimberlee Graham

    You don’t have to know how to fix a car to drive one to a win, apparently. I agree that Bowyer never shuts up and I would have bet that Wallace wouldn’t get fined. So sick of all the BS being shoved down my throat at the pre race activities.

  5. Oh snap bowyer what you gonna do. Insult another legend race car driver? Like you done Gordon. Wtf man. Glad Bowyer at least has cut out the banter from past couple yrs. Unnecessary unhelpful. And you slighted nascar’s brightest driver and they’res folks letting you know he does know how. Why cause that’s what champion race drivers do. If your as good at something as Larson is racing. You’ll know anything and everything to do with a passion. I mean you gonna rip Harvick next year? He’s won a lot more than you. A champion. Lmao. Larson is amazing. Although Chastain did no wrong at Darlington. Onboard shows Ross bad loose in turn. My god the launch them boys got. Wow! Never seen em take off like that before. Plus Larson ran Chastain up track previous restart we all heard the radio he was going to do same if Larson started top lane. Fair game. But he didn’t he was loose

  6. I would and could easily write the best Nascar related blogs. If only… Die hard race fan. Man can learn a lot about winning in his life from watching Nascar or racing in general. Die hard fan

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