Team Owner Justin Marks to “aggressively” deal with Ross Chastain after Rick Hendrick complaints

Team Owner Justin Marks to “aggressively” deal with Ross Chastain after Rick Hendrick complaints

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Ross Chastain was called out by the NASCAR Hall of Fame and team owner Rick Hendrick who hasn’t been impressed with his actions on the racetrack recently.

Team owner of Trackhouse Racing Justin Marks on Monday evening was interviewed  by SiriusXM NASCAR Radio to deal with his driver’s latest miscue, which saw the No. 1 Chevrolet crashing into Kyle Larson, for the third time in less than a month on Sunday at Darlington.

Mr. H had some harsh remarks to say about Chastain at Darlington Raceway on Sunday night following William Byron’s win.

“You just don’t run people up in the fence” – Rick Hendrick calls out Ross Chastain demanding for him to change 

 Kyle Larson was taken out of contention for the win when he and Chastain collided with six laps remaining.

“Great speed out of the car, great pit stops all day. Ross drove a great race,” Marks explained. “I mean, he made good decisions in the first and second Stages in not racing guys super hard. 

Letting a couple of people go. Kind of like just sort of managing that give and take and everything, and then it all just kind of fell apart at the end.”

Marks thinks it’s time that his driver Ross Chastain takes a good, tough look at what has been occurring during races in the Cup Series.

“The result was just bad. It looked bad for everybody,” Marks admitted. “It was bad for Hendrick. It was bad for Chevrolet. And it was bad for Trackhouse and Ross as the points leader. 

This has been my life today. We have addressed it. We have had many conversations with people today, some, difficult conversations.”

Marks On Ross Chastain 

Kyle Larson’s HMS crew chief, Cliff Daniels, was furious in the intermediate aftermath of the wreck. He pointed to three races that the No.1 has “taken us out.” 

“I would think Justin [Marks, Trackhouse Racing team boss] would have a conversation with him,” Hendrick said about who needs to get involved

Ross Chastain has “the potential to be more popular than Chase Elliott” – Kyle Larson

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4 thoughts on “Team Owner Justin Marks to “aggressively” deal with Ross Chastain after Rick Hendrick complaints”

  1. He could be a great driver, but not when you have all the other drivers against you, that could end a career.

  2. After watching the show dirt I really can’t believe that Kyle Larson is complaining about being pushed or run into when that’s all they do on that program. Ross would have won that race had he taken the outside and been able to lean against the wall since he’s great at it. And he was on bad tires they weren’t fresh that’s why he was in front of Kyle Larson being wrecked himself back in the day this wouldn’t have been a problem this is what they did now it’s all oh you hit me a little too hard let me complain about you and not take any of the responsibility sounds like NASCAR’s almost gone woke.

  3. His Greatness

    It’s the NASCAR Tampax series. A bottle of Massengil is handed out to each driver and team owner following post race inspection.

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