Fox announcer Mike Joy apologizes for his "keyboard warrior" comments

“They stirred the pot to suit their purpose” – Fox announcer Mike Joy apologizes for his “keyboard warrior” comments

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Fox announcer Mike Joy received a lot of criticism for the way he handled the fans’ criticism towards commercials during NASCAR races.

Fans and NASCAR professionals alike were surprised by the way Joy called out some NASCAR fans during the Cup Series race at Phoenix. Addressing the fans who criticized the commercials during the race, Joy said:

“Now, for all the keyboard warriors, I’m going to do this in words of one syllable. The last green-flag full-screen break of this race comes right now.”

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After some thinking, Joy came out to apologize through a series of Twitter posts. He said that he meant no disrespect and rather that some people made too much of his comments. He also said that he welcomes constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

“(1 of 3) To those stung by my “keyboard warrior” comments: I meant no disrespect to those who contribute and want to advance the sport. A small number here have an agenda. They stirred the pot to suit their purpose, and I should have ignored them.

“2) Most of you know I welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement from our most ardent, expressive fans: you, the twitterverse. Your input is valued, your suggestions are read, some gain traction and you see the results as updates are made.

“3) I’m done clapping back at the few who offer only negativity, %$#&!, or personal attacks. Hope you enjoy watching the races as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. It’s a privilege, not taken lightly, and a labor of love. Thanks for all the messages of support. Let’s move on.”

Joy was certainly not right in calling out some sections of fans for voicing their opinion. While commercials are necessary for sports, it doesn’t mean that people cannot offer their views, especially when all they want is to be able to watch races without too many interruptions.

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