Josh Williams on his decision to park his car on the start-finish line

“”I stand behind what I did and I don’t regret.” – Josh Williams on his suspension after deciding to park his car on the start-finish line

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Josh Williams was ordered by NASCAR to park his car, but he did so on the start-finish line at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Not only that, in protest of NASCAR’s decision, he walked away after parking his car there. NASCAR’s decision came after Williams’ car was damaged in a three-car crash.

Willaims said that he did it out of frustration towards NASCAR’s decision.

“We all work really hard and to only run ‘X’ amount of laps and then to have something like a piece of Bear Bond and put us out of the race, it’s really frustrating,” Williams said after his meeting with series officials. “Small team. We work really hard. We’ve got to make our sponsors happy, right? It doesn’t do any good sitting in the garage. It is what it is. We’ll learn from it and move on.”

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Recently, he appeared on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, where he talked further about the incident. He was asked if he would handle the situation differently in the future to which he replied:

“I did what I did and that’s the way I voiced my opinion. Could I have handled it differently? I’m sure, but at that moment in time that’s what I chose to do.”

“That’s not something you gonna do all the time. There’s gonna be good calls and bad calls, right? Hopefully, we are not put in the position again.”

NASCAR suspended  Josh Williams on Tuesday for one race for parking his car at the start-finish line and getting out in protest of NASCAR call at Atlanta over the weekend.

From Josh Williams

I stand behind what I did and I don’t regret any decision I made. I stand behind NASCAR for these decisions and will continue and always continue to support them.”

Looks like the No. 92 Chevrolet Camaro for DGM Racing in the Xfinity Series will not be taking such radical decisions again anytime soon. Also, he is waiting for NASCAR’s decision regarding the penalty for his behaviour.

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