NASCAR will not like Kyle Larson's opinion on the race at Atlanta

“It was extremely boring” – NASCAR will not like Kyle Larson’s opinion on the race at Atlanta

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It has been a very mixed season so far for Kyle Larson with two top-five finishes and two DNF in the first five races.

One of the DNF came in the last week’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Larson’s race at Atlanta couldn’t have gotten any worse as this finish comes after all the HMS drivers were docked 100 regular-season points and 10 playoff points each, along with the suspension of the crew chiefs for four races.

Also, for the two races Larson finished within the top five, he was in contention until the end and was even leading the race at some points. He might have felt they could have been won.

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Also, he didn’t seem to like the reconfigured 1.5-mile superspeedway, even though it has been regarded as a good change. Larson spoke about the racing quality at Atlanta and how other drivers raced.

“Yeah it was extremely boring until the third stage and then for whatever reason it seemed like the bottom lane was starting to make headway,” Larson said. “So, I don’t know what changed. I think you just said the 22 wasn’t in the lead, I think he’s had the fastest car so if he ever gets to the lead and can get that middle lane going, it kinda just strings things out, and makes the bottom two [lanes] hard to move forward.”

Coming from the mouth of the 2021 champion, NASCAR will certainly pay notice to why he considered the race boring.

Anyway, Larson will have to get his season together as his teammate William Bryon already has two wins and will be less affected by the penalty.

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1 thought on ““It was extremely boring” – NASCAR will not like Kyle Larson’s opinion on the race at Atlanta”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! The 1st 2 stages were a snooze fest! If I wanted to see a train I’d go hang out by the railroad tracks for 3 hours. That’s NOT racing, it’s RIDING. ZZZZZZ😴
    If that’s how it’s going to be in Atlanta, I may have some tickets for sale for July.

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