Bubba Wallace crashes just ten laps into the race at Atlanta

“Ah, damn. Sorry, team.” – Bubba Wallace apologize to team as he crashes just ten laps into the race at Atlanta

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The Cup Series race at Atlanta didn’t start well for Bubba Wallace as he spun and hit the wall just 10 laps into the race.

Wallace came to the race after two good performances in the previous two races. But the crash killed the chance of another good performance.

As a result of the clash, Wallace’s No. 23 car had significant damage to the front.

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He was back on track after two laps and finished 27th in the race.

“Ah, damn. Sorry, team.” – Bubba Wallace

The 2023 season has not been so well for Wallace, with just one top-five finish so far, a fourth-place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He finished the race at Phoenix in fourteenth place.

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