Josh Williams purposely parks Xfinity car on start-finish line 

“What’s he gonna do? Fine me?” – Josh Williams purposely parks Xfinity car on start-finish line 

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A disheartened Josh Williams made a stunning exit from his car in the caution-marred first stage of NASCAR’s Xfinity Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

With a total of four cautions in 26 of 40 laps during the first stage, the No. 92 Chevy was ordered to park his vehicle following the final caution.

 Williams was obviously upset that they told him to park his car he then followed instructions, However on his terms. 

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Williams parked his car on the checkered start-finish line, mounted out and walked away straight toward his pit crew with a wave to the crowd, apparently delivered with jeering.

“What’s he gonna do? Fine me? I can’t afford to pay it,”  Josh Williams

This is currently a developing story. Additional info and details will be added when released.

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2 thoughts on ““What’s he gonna do? Fine me?” – Josh Williams purposely parks Xfinity car on start-finish line ”

  1. Kerry Cunningham

    Drivers @ 190 mph are high strung people to start with and add a bonehead move that has consequences add’s to the tension and temper over rides brain and you have a Hamlin/Chastain moment that will always be a part of ” Traditional” Racing even Nascar can’t keep in check…
    Look back to when Dale Jarrett spun out on the frontstretch in the middle of the track and car wouldn’t fire while car’s were racing back to the caution flag, Jarrett complained to the Nascar officials that racing back to the caution flag was dangerous, Hellova time to come to that conclusion. but Nascar agreed and there went a very intrical part of “Traditional Racing” known to us and those before us. When Nascar makes a driver park the race car for repair tape coming off in race mode even i half to take pause and wonder as well as the Nascar Nation… Whats Next?????
    With all due respect,…I am a Member of the Official Nascar Fan Council and i feel Nascar is over reaching in the welfare of one of the greatest high speed sports still in existence to day…
    K. Cunningham


    I am now his fan and before this I didn’t even know his name so I say to Josh, Well played young man!

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