Kevin Harvick blasts Denny Hamlin for intentional wreck

“This situation has just gone way overboard” – Kevin Harvick blasts Denny Hamlin for intentional wreck

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Denny Hamlin is dividing opinions in the NASCAR community with his intentional clash against Ross Chastain at Phoenix.

Hamlin admitted that he clashed with Chastain on purpose as he was slowing down against drivers with fresh tires. NASCAR quickly took action against him by 25 driver points and fining $50k.  Since then, fans and professionals alike are giving their verdict on Hamlin’s actions, some taking Hamlin’s side and some against him.

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Kevin Harvick belonged to the latter group as he criticized the JGR driver for affecting the teams and competitors with his actions. Speaking in an appearance on Fox Sports’ NASCAR Race Hub, the Stewart-Haas Racing’s No. 4 driver said:

“This situation, in particular, has just gone way overboard, and right now, it’s affecting the teams. So really, it’s affecting every competitor on the race track.”

He further added that there are alternatives to making it difficult for the opponent than intentionally wrecking him.

“I don’t like the fact that we are intentionally wrecking drivers. And there is a way to do it by just racing. And you don’t have to intentionally do it.

“You can race, put them in bad spots, and do the things you need to do but everybody is vulnerable right now and I just don’t like the intentional wrecking.”

During the appearance, Harvick also spoke about bringing back the No. 29 car for the NASCAR All-Star Race and the same paint scheme he used when he won his first Cup race in 2001 at Atlanta.

While Harvick hasn’t won any race, he is doing pretty fine this season so far, sitting at the top of the Cup Series Standings with two top-five finishes and three top-10 finishes in four races.

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10 thoughts on ““This situation has just gone way overboard” – Kevin Harvick blasts Denny Hamlin for intentional wreck”

  1. Denny blames his lack of performance and the performance of JGR on everyone else. He’s driving way under his ability. It’s not Chastain and everyone else. It’s Denny!

  2. Denny Hamlin should have to sit a few races out. He thinks everyone owes him respect and everyone should get out of his way on the track. Fining him money is nothing. The way to get his attention is by telling him he can’t race for a couple of weeks.

  3. I think NASCAR needs to end Chastain-Hamlin feud, and also apply it to any driver who intentionally crashes another driver , be suspended for at least half the season., loss of all driver and owner points. Crew chief and pit crew remain intact.
    Hamlin and Chastain straight up: you do it again, your season is over. Period

    1. Nascar tied their hands with the intentional wreck and assault of Larson by Wallace. If there was ever a time for an attention style penalty if was this egregious display of poor sportsmanship and narcissism. If Nascar would got out from under their PC umbrella then, Hamblin/Chastian would be an issue now.


  5. I agree with parking ANY driver that intentionally wracking another driver. Denny’s still pissed from last year, he needs to get over it. Ross hasn’t done anything this year, other than at the Collesium, where everyone was running into everyone. That race has sucked from day one.

  6. I don’t agree with how Hamlin wrecked Chastain cause it can and did affect other teams. BUT where was Nascar when Chastain was doing it last year? How many penalties did he receive? Good for the goose is good for the gander! But it needs to be done.

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