Fox announcer Mike Joy gets called out for mocking fans on live broadcast at Phoenix 

“To all the keyboard warriors” – Fox announcer Mike Joy gets called out for mocking fans on live broadcast at Phoenix 

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Danica Patrick was joined by Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer in the Fox broadcasting booth for Sunday’s Cup Series race at Phoenix Raceway.

Over the last two decades, Fox Sports has broadcast some of the most consistent/controversial viewings for fans in the history of NASCAR.

Criticism among NASCAR fans watching the Cup Series this season was about the number of commercials during the races.

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During stage (3) of Sunday’s United Rentals Work United 500 long-serving announcer Mike Joy took a swipe at NASCAR fans complaining about commercials during live broadcast on Fox.

“To all the keyboard warriors, the last full screen green flag commercial of today comes right now” – Mike Joy 

Fox Sports were accused of their unsatisfactory coverage and the incapability to provide viewers with what they anticipated.

Earlier this season former driver and current NBC broadcaster Dale Earnhardt Jr. debated about Fox’s commercial break strategy on his Dale Jr. Download podcast with guest co-host Steve Letarte. 

“It’s a tough spot for me and you to be in because we work in the booth, we work in the business, and we understand it a little bit differently. But I was surprised while I was watching the race.

“So I’m watching the racing, and Mike Joy talked about this on Twitter, and I thought, ‘Man they must be frontloading this race.’… A lot of times, we may try to frontload the commercials into the first stage. – Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr not bothered by the number of commercials

“I wasn’t bothered by the number of commercials… or how often they were coming. I didn’t think I was really missing much when the commercials would come on. Now of course, we did have that one crash that happened during the ‘Side-by-Side,’ which is unfortunate, and it happens all the time.”

Mike Joy gets called out for mocking fans at Phoenix Raceway.

Hendrick Motorsports driver William Byron won Sunday’s 312-mile NASCAR Cup Series race at Phoenix Raceway, after he was given a second opportunity for the victory with a late-race caution flag, achieving his second successive Cup win.

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2 thoughts on ““To all the keyboard warriors” – Fox announcer Mike Joy gets called out for mocking fans on live broadcast at Phoenix ”

  1. Does anybody think, fox commentators plug an outrageous statement to gauge a response? To see who’s listening or responding? Is it aimed at ratings,?!?!

    1. This last weekend at Phoenix race many of us watching wondered if Clint Bowyer could get any further up Harvicks hind end, super annoying,,,, the proof is in the pudding, in general Bowyers coverage is already getting mute worthy. And Danica is right there too.

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