NASCAR Journalist hits out at Chase Elliott for taking an unnecessary risk

“Play golf, do something else” – Veteran NASCAR reporter hits out at Chase Elliott for taking an “unnecessary risk”

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Chase Elliot’s decision to go snowboarding has not gone well with many NASCAR professionals and fans.

The 2020 Cup Series champion suffered a fractured tibia while snowboarding in Colorado. While he underwent successful surgery, he will miss a number of races this season.

His team, Hendrick Motorsports will certainly be fuming about the consequences of losing their star driver for a big portion of the season.

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As per Jordan Bianc, motorsports reporter for The Athletic, Elliott took an “unnecessary risk” doing what he did.

“I understand that Chase has been doing this for a long time. He’s good at snowboarding, he’s used to it, I understand all that, but it’s still a risk and it’s an unnecessary risk,” Bianchi said in a recent episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast.

He then suggested that Ellliot should have rather chosen to“play golf, do something else recreational that doesn’t put you at a heightened risk to get hurt.”

Bianchi then went on to say that team owners should protect their drivers by asking them not to take part in risky sports.

“If I’m a NASCAR team owner, I am protecting my drivers in bubble wrap and I do not want them to do anything extracurricular activities where they could get hurt,” said Bianchi. “There are other ways to get away from the stress [of racing] other than doing extracurricular sports that bring high risk to it.”

While Bianchi has some points but many teams allow drivers, and even Elliott, to take part in other racing events which can also be risky. It is unfortunate that Elliott will miss a number of races but injuries are down to luck sometimes.

On the positive news, it seems that NASCAR will grant a waiver to Elliott.

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