Dale Jr. plays down Clint Bowyer’s Kyle Busch-Dale Sr. comparison

“You’re not allowed to compare anybody to Dale Earnhardt” – Dale Jr. plays down Clint Bowyer’s Kyle Busch-Dale Sr. comparison

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. was unhappy with Clint Bowyer’s comparison between Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

As one of the best-ever drivers in NASCAR’s history, Earnhardt Sr. will certainly come up in the topics of comparison. After all, he is at the pinnacle of what NASCAR drivers aim to achieve. One of such recent comparison was made by Clint Bowyer who compared him with Richard Childress Racing’s No. 8 Chevrolet driver, Kyle Busch.

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However, Dale Sr.’s son Dale Jr. doesn’t find the comparison credible. Speaking in his Dale Jr. Download podcast, he said:

“I think that the comparison ends at they’re winners and they’re champions, but there’s really nothing between the two. And I know both of them pretty well. There’s nothing else that reminds me of either one of them. I wonder why — Clint says that every broadcast very emphatically. I kind of wonder what he sees that maybe we don’t see.

“There are times when we compare drivers to David Pearson, Richard Petty, other greats because of the style. ‘You can’t just say, ‘Hey man, you’re not allowed to compare anybody to Dale Earnhardt.’ I don’t know exactly where I land on that because there are times when you know, this guy, he reminds me of David Pearson because the Silver Fox he was kind of always lurking, and then right at the end of the race he was the fastest thing going. Maybe Kyle Busch was like David Pearson this past weekend more than Dale Earnhardt.

It is hard for anybody to achieve the legacy Dale Sr. left at NASCAR. While Busch is a great driver in his own right, he is far from reaching that level. But he is certainly adding to the already great career he has with two Cup championships and 61 Cup wins.

While he might not compare with Dale Sr. but he is certainly on the list of modern great NASCAR drivers.

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