Jimmie Johnson responds to Richard Petty

Unhappy Jimmie Johnson claps back at Richard Petty over changes at Legacy Motor Club

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There has been a lack of communication between Richard Petty and Jimmie Johnson regarding the organizational matters of Legacy Motor Club.

Petty finds himself in an increasingly distant role with the organization since Johnson arrived. For starters, the name was changed from Petty GMS Motorsports to Legacy Motor Club, thereby removing Petty’s name from the company. Not only that, Petty recently said that he finds himself sidelined with Johnson running the show now.

“It’s been strange to me, Most of the time, I ran the majority of the show. Jimmie brought all his people in. His way of running things and my way of running things are probably a little bit different. We probably agree on about 50% of what it really comes down to,” Petty said.

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However, he admitted that it is time for a change of guards and even said that Johnson will “wind up running the show in four or five years completely. He’ll probably be the majority owner or the owner of our operation. They’re looking at things completely differently.”

In response to Petty’s comments, Johnson said that he was “disappointed” with Petty’s reaction. He distanced himself from Petty’s accusations by saying that some decisions were made even before his arrival to the organization.

“Of course, we’ll have conversations. He’s not expressed them to me, for starters. Honestly, there are a lot of moving pieces to this. There are business decisions that are taking place between Mr. Gallagher and the Petty family before I ever arrived.

“Those are details that are just not my place to say. But a lot of what Richard is speaking to is based on business decisions that he and his family have made and they aren’t relative to my involvement.”

However, Johnson also made clear that this won’t lead to any hard feelings as he added:

“He’s always been so kind and wonderful to me,” adding, “He’s the last person I fist-pumped before I rolled off pit lane and won my seventh championship.”

The miscommunication doesn’t look like a good beginning for the two seven-time Cup champions. But now that things are out in the open, they can work towards forging a better partnership.

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1 thought on “Unhappy Jimmie Johnson claps back at Richard Petty over changes at Legacy Motor Club”

  1. In regards to Richard Petty. he is loved, even revered! What he has done was amazing. yet you see his dads stubbornness, and it was handed down to Richard. Kyle seems not so bull headed. So, Richard enjoys HIS way! He wants final say but lets be honest. why in the last 25 year he hasnt flourished! He is the King but he knew how to drive but nothing else didnt work out for him when he stopped. It may have not been so fun to drive for him or take orders from him! Now at his age, different times, he needs to step aside. Worse thing that could happen is they start to win!

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