Denny Hamlin labels former JGR teammate Kyle Busch as a "conspiracy theorist"

Denny Hamlin labels former JGR teammate Kyle Busch as a “conspiracy theorist”

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Kyle Busch might have been labelled different names and titles but the one Denny Hamlin recently gave seems pretty new.

Busch is one of the most outspoken drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series. As a result of this nature, the former Joe Gibbs Racing driver is not liked by many fans and as well as some drivers. And also his driving style is very aggressive too. So he gets into a war of words with fellow drivers time and again.

Hamlin and Busch didn’t have much conflict between them as they were driving for the same team until now. However, they will be rivals in the 2023 season.

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Anyway, speaking in Dirty Mo Media’s podcast “Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin”, the JGR No. 11 spoke about Busch, calling his former teammate a “conspiracy theorist”.

“I believe that Kyle is kind of a conspiracy theorist in the sense of like he thinks everyone’s down to get him. That’s not true, obviously. But I think he’s just always had that chip off like, you know, ‘It’s him against the world’ and I don’t believe… I don’t know if that’s what he needs to fire himself up, but certainly, I think that’s his mentality.”

Hamlin has a point about Busch creating the attitude of “him against the world”. Busch certainly likes playing the victim to pit opinions in favour of him.

After a partnership of many years, Busch and Hamlin will be driving for different teams as Busch joined Richard Childress Racing after leaving JGR. This could as well open up a new rivalry between two former teammates.

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