Kevin Harvick sends out worrying message to Cup drivers ahead of his final season 

Kevin Harvick sends out worrying message to Cup drivers ahead of his final season 

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Kevin Harvick announced last month that he will retire from NASCAR competition at the end of this current 2023 season.

Harvick, who turned 47 at the end of last year, was the oldest regular-season Cup driver competing in 2022.

The 47-y-o will move into the Fox booth as a NASCAR analyst after retirement in 2024, Harvick has been a guest analyst for Fox for more than 25 races since 2015. 

He’ll team up with Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer as the regular analyst starting next season.

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Jeff Gluck revealed that Kevin Harvick said Dale Jr. told him this year will be Harvick’s “NFG Tour” and he agreed.

“If we have to settle scores, we’re settling them immediately,” Harvick said.

Notably, Harvick got into a lengthy late-season feud in 2021 with HMS No. 9 Chase Elliott. The veteran made media rounds following his retirement announcement last month. 

One stop was on the Stacking Pennies podcast with Corey LaJoie where he openly went into detail about his desire to stay relevant and the chaotic way he went about achieving it.

“When the Cup car wasn’t running good, you had to keep yourself relevant. So a lot of that was just a show.” Kevin Harvick said

“When we didn’t run good, it was all about chaos. We wanted to cause as much chaos as we could. Richard was all in and it was take no s*** and do everything you can do. And if you weren’t going to win, put on a show.

And putting on a show was as relevant as winning the race and in a lot of those cases are talked about more than winning the race. Understanding the publicity side of it and all the things that it took because there were a lot of dry years but you always knew our name.”  he added.

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