Dale Jr. hits out at Denny Hamlin over his criticism of Johnson's NASCAR return

Jimmie Johnson can do “whatever he wants” – Dale Jr. hits out at Denny Hamlin over his criticism of Johnson’s NASCAR return

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t go by the comments Denny Hamlin made regarding Jimmie Johnson’s return to NASCAR.

Johnson is set to make his NASCAR return this season after retiring from full-time Cup racing after the 2020 season. The seven-time Cup champion will take part in select races driving the No. 84 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Legacy Motor Club.

While it is exciting news for a NASCAR legend to return to the sport for both fans and NASCAR professionals, Hamlin believes that the move is going to backfire. He said that the most likely scenario is that Johnson will taint his NASCAR legacy.

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However, speaking on his podcast “The Dale Jr Download”, Dale Jr. argued against Hamlin’s comments by saying that the seven-time champion can choose whatever he wants for himself.

“I saw Denny’s comment on some of the stuff we put out to promote his show. He’s talking about how he didn’t want him to come back. said Dale Jr. He’s going to taint his legacy. I don’t know, man, the guy’s got every right in the world to do whatever he wants”.

“Hey, he didn’t have a great time in IndyCar. He got humbled, he’ll tell you that. I couldn’t find the limit, couldn’t find the speed. He’s coming back to stock cars to redeem himself. Not to me, he’s redeeming himself.”

In any case, nobody is expecting Johnson will take the Cup Series by storm. But at the dusk of his career, it is nice to see the sports legend returning to where he made his name and entertained the fans for years.

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12 thoughts on “Jimmie Johnson can do “whatever he wants” – Dale Jr. hits out at Denny Hamlin over his criticism of Johnson’s NASCAR return”

      1. I can’t stand Denny Hamlin he is such a friggin baby if he don’t get his way.
        He’s just jealous of Jimmy. Jimmy has every right to come back to NASCAR.
        Get over it Danny and grow up dude.

  1. Denny use to be a ok guy now he a very angry person anymore maybe it time for him to move on last year he was mad most of the year Jimmie has every right to return. Jimmie has more class than Denny maybe he jealous

  2. Jimmie is a seven time champion.how many championships does cry baby hamill have?plus at least Jimmie stays with his wife and family.plus his friends.Denny blames everyone else for his mistakes

    1. Can’t stand Demmy . He is abusive to women and cry’s about everything. He is jealous because Jimmy will out shine him and his Drives Wallace and Reddish will never be as good as Kyle Larson .

  3. Jimmie Johnson- 7 Championships
    Denny Spamlin- 0 Championships
    Best to keep your mouth shut, Spamlin !,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Johnny McFarland

    Johnson -7
    Hamlin – 0
    Denny should just Shut his Mouth, but like usual he has to whine about something.

  5. Just look at who Hamlin has driving for him, Bubba. That’s enough right there to show what Hamlin is. I thought Hamlin had more class. But I was wrong. Maybe he can learn something by getting rid of Bubba and taking notice of Johnson. He might figure it out, but maybe not. Hamlin & Bubba not good for Nascar

  6. So Johnson has seven championships and Hamlin has how many? Oh, yeah, zero. Hamlin’s opinion about Jimmie Johnson has the same value as his zero championship trophies – none.

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