Fox reporter blames Wiz Khalifa halftime performance for the confusion at the Coliseum

“Had Wiz here and now the race is disjointed” – Fox reporter blames Wiz Khalifa halftime performance for the confusion at the Coliseum

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The celebrities were out in number for the 2023 NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum on Sunday evening with a turnout suitable for downtown Los Angeles (LA).

It was confirmed by NASCAR that American rapper Wiz Khalifa will be the halftime show performer as NASCAR kicks off its 75th anniversary.

Wiz Khalifa said in a press release, “The NASCAR cars will bring the noise, and I’ll bring the party. We’re going to have a great time celebrating together at the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum, and I can’t wait to see everybody there.”

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Wiz’s halftime performance at the Coliseum received mixed reactions from fans and NASCAR reporters.

Fox reporter Bob Pockrass took a swipe a Wiz Khalifa’s halftime performance by tweeting “Had Wiz here and now the race is disjointed”

The Athletic Motorsports journalist Jeff Gluck called out Poprass for his tweet regarding Khalifa’s halftime show.

Wiz Khalifa at halftime performed mega hits such as “Black & Yellow” and “Young, Wild & Free.” for fans.

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21 thoughts on ““Had Wiz here and now the race is disjointed” – Fox reporter blames Wiz Khalifa halftime performance for the confusion at the Coliseum”

  1. This whole so called clash is the most Stupid thing nascar ever has tried !! S California has never supported a race track from Ontario, Riverside, Fontana etc… u can’t take a white southern sport to the s central ghetto!! It doesn’t work ! Last yr u had the Super Bowl crowd , this yr nobody cared… why would nascar degrade themselves to this ???

  2. No one wants to see a 60 mph bumper car mess for the start of a race season !!!! They want to see wide open go fast to get their blood pumping !!! If you want to see 60 mph bumper to bumper then go out to your local freeway !!! This was a total nightmare for NASCAR, they need to bring it back to Daytona where it rightfully belongs !!!! Just my thoughts!!!

  3. Racing in the that setting is okay I get it. Something different.And it’s only an exhibition race. And I get some rap is okay.But that was a horrible show the music had no content. Who is this wiz character anyway 😩. Pit bull put on a decent show last year and he also has ties to a team.So if you want some diversity show it in the performance that you bring. And on a different subject Fox bring on Kevin Harvick as a announcer 🤮. NASCAR continues down this path they will lose me as a fan and many others I suspect.Race fan for 50+years

  4. mark Littlefield

    i thought the race was pretty dam cool ,of course the speeds were much slower ,i would tell you the crowd has smaller perhaps 2/3 rds full ,i watched the music part and thinking back maybe wiz should have come on first . all that being said haters will always hate but a good time was had and aint that what counts….see yas in fontucky race fans

  5. I enjoyed the Clash, reminded me of the old Bristol race when Bristol had a one lane groove. I enjoy watching the beating and banging every once in a while. I was not impressed, however, with the WIZ show, it just was not a good show at all. NASCAR is suppose to be family oriented and to have several words “bleeped” out is NOT family friendly. I have been a NASCAR fan for years and years and I am at the point where I don’t even want to watch it. NASCAR is essentially letting the thoughts and feelings of ONE driver control the changes they are making. Where NASCAR is right now is not a “good look” for them at all. They need to get back to their roots.

  6. Bring the Clash back to Daytona where it belongs. The LA thing is ridiculous. I didn’t even watch it.

  7. Simply put Nascar sucks. By the way I didn’t’t watch the race. I’m so done with Nascar. They have gone woke

  8. Nascar should take a page from Tony Stewart and bring the clash to a small track . Help the small local track out and have a better crowd. I am sure there are plenty of local tracks who would love it.

  9. I watched the race it was entertaining. I’ve been very skeptical of them moving the clash to LA but there trying to change it up and draw in a younger crowd. Your kids or grandkids know who wiz khalifa is so quit your whining. It looked like short track raceing to me. speeds are slow, they bump an bang looks like fun. I did enjoy when they did the Daytona road course for the clash, but I do believe the clash shouldn’t be at Daytona anymore. I have an idea how bout since we have the all-star race at north wilkesboro why can’t we have the clash at Rockingham? Your thoughts?

  10. All the music ( ? ) was horrible. But I can’t see how that would affect the racing. Unless all the drivers minds melted after being forced to listen to that junk.

  11. The same people who found this Wiz dude to perform is the very same people who are at the helm of NASCAR-better turn it around quick boys or you will be wondering where the yellow went.

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