"It’s pretty close to hatred" - Christopher Bell says Joe Gibbs denied him from dirt track racing

“It’s pretty close to hatred” – Christopher Bell says Joe Gibbs denied him from dirt track racing

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Many NASCAR drivers do not just limit themselves to racing in the series but also try out different motorsports disciplines.

Among the famous drivers to do so are former champions Tony Stewart and Kyle Larson. Larson’s passion for dirt racing is well known in the industry as the Hendrick Motorsports driver takes time to participate in different dirt racing events in the country.

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Another such driver who tries to increase his profile beyond NASCAR is Joe Gibbs Racing’s Christopher Bell. However, his team’s owner Gibbs is not a big fan of him running events outside of NASCAR. In a recent interview, Bell revealed:

“I love the Chili Bowl, it’s a very special place to me. Definitely, the largest event that I grew up going to, as a kid. It means the world to me that I’ve been able to win it.

“But Joe Gibbs has been extremely vocal about his – I don’t want to use the word hatred – but it’s pretty close to hatred towards dirt track racing. He does not love dirt track racing or open wheel racing at all.”

Bell also revealed on the late Coy Gibbs used to convince his father to let Bell run on dirt tracks. However, without him, Bell will have to stick more to the Cup Series.

“Me and Coy [Gibbs] had a great relationship. I would always follow my dirt track stuff through Coy. He loved it, he thought it was really good for me to do. He would kind of tell his dad that we talked about it, and he thought that it was fine for me to do.

“Obviously, Coy passed away in November and I kind of lost that connection. Joe was very vocal about me not dirt track racing. So for the time being, I’m not going to be dirt track racing.”

It all depends on the owner on what they allow their drivers to do. While it might not always be good to have their drivers going away and losing focus on the Cup Series, it is always nice to see drivers try their hands at different kinds of motorsports racing.

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4 thoughts on ““It’s pretty close to hatred” – Christopher Bell says Joe Gibbs denied him from dirt track racing”

    1. Giggs owns the car, it’s his decision on what he wants done If it’s in the contract, you abide by it or quit driving for Joe. I’m sure another driver would love to fill in the spot.

      1. Michael Andrews

        Not many others drivers available with Bell’s talent. That’s why he’s there. Martins on his way out and Hamlins won 4 races in last 2 years. It’s not going to work if Joe doesn’t change. I hope Bell moves on to another team where he’s appreciated.

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