RCR team owner Richard Childress reveals what makes Kyle Busch ‘standout’ from other NASCAR Cup drivers

RCR team owner Richard Childress reveals what makes Kyle Busch ‘standout’ from other NASCAR Cup drivers

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Kyle Busch left Joe Gibbs Racing after 15 full seasons to join rivals RCR in 2023.

The two-time Nascar Cup Series champion is officially a driver for Richard Childress Racing (RCR) as he will take over the wheel of the No. 8 Chevrolet this season.

Busch’s conflicting run last season and a reported huge wage bill along with his attitude did hinder a few Cup teams from making an official proposal.

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RCR owner Richard Childress was ready to take his chances as he knows how much potential Kyle Busch still has.

In a recent interview, Richard Childress brought up that Busch still has the same enthusiasm as he used to have in his rookie years as a driver.

He said, “I think one of the things about Kyle each time I’ve talked to him. (he says), ‘Man, I can’t wait to go have some fun.’ ‘Man, I had some fun down there at COTA. 

I can’t wait until we go test and have some fun.’ I’ve asked a couple of drivers, why did you get into racing to start with? Well, to go out and have some fun and enjoy it,”.

Childress on the effect Kyle Busch already is creating at RCR.

Richard Childress declared that the new generation of drivers lacks the enthusiasm Busch possesses. 

Childress said, “So many drivers, I think, today have forgotten why they got into racing, but Kyle Busch hasn’t. He still is a racer. He loves to race, and it is fun to him to go out and race and win,”.

“Kyle will bring a lot of experience and knowledge. I think he’ll help Austin (Dillon) a lot in his career. I think he can help our whole organization from a standpoint of what we need to do better and go faster. That’s what we’re looking forward to with him,”.

His boss has no doubts about whether Busch is able to integrate himself into the team. Childress has this belief after noticing Busch interacting well with his new crew mates during the car tests.

“I think he’s going to fit in with this group of guys as good as anybody. Just watching his interaction with the guys and interactions I’ve had with him, everyone is excited about it. I know he’s excited. The tests have been good,” said Childress.

Earlier this month Kyle Busch and Richard Childress Racing picked up multi-race sponsorship from financial services company Netspend.

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