Natalie Decker calls out NASCAR for its treatment towards women before removing the post

“feeds you BS that they support women.” – Natalie Decker calls out NASCAR for its treatment towards women before removing the post

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Natalie Decker last raced in the Truck Series in 2020 when she made thirteen starts for Niece Motorsports, 

The first of which saw her score the first top five for a woman when she placed fifth at Daytona the highest-ever finish by a female driver.

Just Last year in 2022 Decker was among several female drivers featured when Busch Light announced it was launching an initiative that would commit $10 million to sponsor women competing in the sport.

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The controversy surrounding NASCAR for a while now has been that the sports endorses only a certain section of people, and those are the ones who make it to the top. 

25-y-o Natalie Decker shared her thoughts on TikTok, slamming the sport for not supporting women. She has since removed her post.

She captioned her video “ POV: you sacrificed and worked your whole life to compete in this sport that feeds you and the public bullsh*t that they support women.”

Natalie Decker Calls Out NASCAR In Viral Video Before  Removing It 

There was a massive response, with multiple people speaking of her performance on the race track. Decker later deleted the post.

NASCAR journalist Matthew Burroughs was among the few who backed  Natalie Decker on the post.

“It’s tempting to criticize a racer for saying the game is unfair when they don’t win, but Natalie Decker’s point has validity. A major corporation can spilt (sic) 20 bucks across 20 female drivers and the NASCAR public will trip over themselves to gleefully call it progress. – Matthew Burroughs tweeted.

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