Chase Elliott displeased over veteran commentator's exit from the Fox Booth 

 “I had no idea, I hate to hear this” – Chase Elliott displeased over veteran commentator’s exit from the Fox Booth 

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Vince Welch, a veteran NASCAR  broadcaster won’t be in the Fox booth to coverage NASCAR  next month as he shocked fans that he was out of a job, when he indicated his departure from the network via social media on the final day of 2022.  

Welch has been a well-known face in NASCAR coverage for the past two decades. The 65-y-o has played multiple roles for Fox throughout these years since joining them in 2015.

Vince Welch announced his departure via his official Twitter account. 

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He didn’t give any reason for the decision but seemed surprise and didn’t give any indications about his future.

Welch tweeted, “Today brings me to the end of 2022 & my run at FOX. I will greatly miss seeing those in the NASCAR garage…so many smart, selfless, hardworking people I respect. The network TV world is a unique space; blessed to spend 20+ yrs in it. Now onward. No bitterness. God is good. All the best to u,”.

Hendrick Motorsports driver Chase Elliott was not pleased hearing the news about the veteran commentator.

The 2020 cup champion tweeted “I had no idea, and I hate to hear this. I always enjoyed having you around the garage and enjoyed listening to your call races in the booth even more. I always found your effort far more professional than many others. Thank you for that, and I hope to see you around again!”

is his word choice. No bitterness. That suggests, from his view, there could be some reason for grievance, however he is choosing not to have any or at least not yet.

Welch has served as a race announcer in the booth alongside Michael Waltrip and Phil Parsons for the NASCAR Truck Series for the last few seasons.

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  1. IT’S all politica,l nascar is on the way out anyway lot less viewers plus they are bias to a handful of drivers if they are gonna let somone go delete burton and dale from the other network.

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