How NASCAR fans reacted to Joe Gibbs Racing's new electric car for NASCAR

“An absolute DISGRACE to the sport”- How NASCAR fans reacted to Joe Gibbs Racing’s new electric car for NASCAR

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Joe Gibbs Racing recently developed an electric stock car for the sole purpose of helping pit crews practice.

NASCAR is certainly open to the electrification of the cars in its series in the future. While the foundations are being set, JGR came up with an innovation that might aid NASCAR in its goals.

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However, the electric car will only be used in practice by pit crews and won’t see the track. The Camry has a 480-pound battery has a top speed of 55 mph. Nonetheless, this much speed won’t be necessary as NASCAR has a speed limit of 30 mph on the short tracks.

This car will now give the crews a medium to practice without wasting waste fuel.

While the move has been seen as a positive development in the NASCAR community by many, not all are satisfied with NASCAR’s decision to go electric, even at a stage this small. Furthermore, with the current news, there are now fresh rumors that NASCAR will go electric in the future, which many don’t seem to want to happen.

As many fans pointed out, the car will certainly cut fuel costs and carbon footprint, while also making the area a lot less noisy place to work on.

What are your thoughts on JGR’s new electric car and NASCAR possibly going electric in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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