Leaving JGR for RCR “a blessing in disguise” - Kyle Busch

Leaving JGR for RCR “a blessing in disguise” – Kyle Busch

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Kyle Busch has already started looking at the positives from his move to Richard Childress Racing after his departure from Joe Gibbs Racing.

Having failed to land sponsorship, JGR let go of one of the most successful drivers in their history. And the departure came about with some bitterness from both parties.

It’s a new challenge for the two-time Cup champion now as he has to find winning ways in a new team after leaving the comfort of the team he had been with since 2008.

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While there might be a lot of negatives for both Busch and JGR with such a drastic change, Busch is rather seeing the positives to his move, and he plans to start winning from the beginning.

“It’s obviously been a challenging — not just this year but the last little while — so it’s kind of maybe a blessing in disguise, honestly, where it might just be time for a fresh start,” said Busch. “Time for something new and different. I’m kind of looking at it as the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning aspect where they left great teams, great organizations where they won championships, and they went on and were able to win championships somewhere else.

Busch is also optimistic that the Next Gen car will make the transition easier than it would have been in the past.

“I’d like to think I still have that opportunity to do that with RCR. I look at the opportunity with the new Next Gen race car as an easier move to make now with that versus years past with previous generation cars, so I think, honestly, (it) could be a lateral move.”

The RCR’s No. 8 driver is one of the only two active drivers, along with Joey Logano, with multiple championships wins. While he might not have had as many wins in the last couple of seasons as he would have expected, Busch is one of the best drivers around. And he will certainly impose himself at his new team in the right way.

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