Dale Jr.'s all time top-10 NASCAR drivers

Dale Jr.’s all time top-10 NASCAR drivers spark interesting debate among fans

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed his all-time top-10 NASCAR drivers. However, not all fans agreed with his choices.

Choosing your favorites is always a very subjective opinion, even though facts can generally back the choices. And not every person needs to have the same favorites.

However, when it comes to selecting all-time top-10 lists, some facts can be overwhelming and could point out the biases of the chooser. Generally, in NASCAR, the choice can largely be determined by the drivers’ wins and even more specifically, the championships they have won.

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And for this reason, a driver can be great like Denny Hamlin but having never won the championship, such drivers can miss out on the list. Nonetheless, with 3,047 drivers to choose from, and among them 35 with championship titles, and 203 with at least a win, there’s a lot of freedom to choose from.

So, here is Dale. Jr’s choice of all-time top-10 NASCAR drivers.

The list includes Dale Earnhardt, Cale Yarborough, David Pearson, Jimmie Jam (Johnson), Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Bobby Allison, Michael Waltrip and Kevin Harvick.

While Dale Jr.’s list includes the regular contenders in Dale Earnhardt Sr., Jimmie Johnson, and Richard Petty, not all fans were satisfied with his choices. Some particular omissions include three times cup champions Tony Stewart and Mark Martin, who is generally considered to be the best driver to never have won the championship.

Some fans were also surprised by the inclusion of Harvick.



No list can be perfect. Your personal favorites can also affect your decision-making. And any list, whether made by Dale. Jr or NASCAR or any fans will be subject to criticism on some aspects.

Nonetheless, it is more important to keep the debate open as such things are never absolute.

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