NASCAR faces a lot of criticism for its new announcement

“A big mistake” – NASCAR faces a lot of criticism for its new announcement

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NASCAR’s decision to add a new race format in the 2023 season has not gone down well with many of the fans.

Earlier in July, NASCAR announced that they will add a street course race in Chicago for the 2023 season which will be the first of its kind for the series. The race is set to take place on Sunday, July 2.

“Like the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum, we seized an incredible opportunity to add an unprecedented element to our schedule and take center stage in the heart of another major metropolitan market,” said Ben Kennedy, NASCAR senior vice president of racing development and strategy, in a statement back in July.

“This is the ideal setting for the first-ever NASCAR Cup Series street race. The NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen cars and the IMSA machines will race along the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago, marking a truly historic moment for our sport.”

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While the idea to add a different race format seems innovative and exciting, not all fans are happy with NASCAR’s decision. In fact, some seem very critical of the decision.

One of the major concerns is that the Next Gen car is not well equipped for the street race. Not only that, one fan wrote that this race will lead to “incalculable losses”.

Many are already expecting the race to be a failure, long before the time it is set to take place. Well, it certainly takes some risks if one wants to get a better reward, but it remains to be seen how well-thought-out plan this is from NASCAR.

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7 thoughts on ““A big mistake” – NASCAR faces a lot of criticism for its new announcement”

  1. New car is not a race car, indy body car, stock cars are raced on ovals. Not street race’s, Need to go back to racing 😫 sport is getting to much like formula one 🤔

  2. Nascar has ruined racing. Driver also complain about rough driving. Need to go back and look at drivers such as Junior Johnson, Joe Weatherly, Fireball Roberts, Cotton Owens, Curtis Turner and others. These drivers bumped and banged as racing. In the early days you could pit under caution and retain you track position if not lapped in pits. Pit speed was not controlled as it is now. Today if pitting was as in early days then there was no need for speed limits because caution controlled the speed. Today it’s not the driver that wins it’s the pit crew and NASCAR rules.

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