Wallace spotter speaks about Gibbs taking the limelight from Wallace

“There was a cash exchange” between Bubba Wallace and Ty Gibbs – Wallace spotter speaks about Gibbs taking the limelight from Wallace

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Bubba Wallace was in the limelight for some time for his retaliation against Kyle Larson at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

There were heated debates regarding Wallace’s action and the one-race suspension that he received from NASCAR. After he returned to racing at Martinsville, he had to face a large number of boos from the crowd.

However, with Ty Gibbs wrecking his own teammate Brandon Jones out of the lead at the Xfinity Series race at e Martinsville Speedway, the attention turned towards him. He was also on the receiving end of boos and many fans chanted “thank you, Grandpa,” as he drove to the victory lane.

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But that was not all in the last week. Another incident that really caught up the eyes of the NASCAR-watching community was that of Ross Chatain, who rode the wall to move 5 places and book a spot in the Championship 4 race.

NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin joked that Wallace thanked Gibbs for taking the attention off him and Chastain in turn taking the attention off Gibbs.

“I hope that Sunday morning showed up with a bouquet and a card that said ‘here Ty, thanks for taking all the media attention’.”, “Thanks for taking me off blast and putting it on you.

“And then Ross Chastain takes all the blasts off Ty and puts these cheers into media.”

Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft took the joke one step ahead by claiming that there was a “cash exchange” between Wallace and Gibbs.

“I will tell you there was a cash exchange in our pre-race meeting. Bubba and Ty, thanking him.”

Wallace would certainly be happy to be off the criticism table. He recently spoke about the incident with Larson and said that he accepted the penalty. He also added that he has learned his lesson from the incident.

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