"He has had an ill handling car" - Samantha Busch blames JGR for Kyle Busch's career with them ending on a "low note"

“He has had an ill handling car” – Samantha Busch blames JGR for Kyle Busch’s career with them ending on a “low note”

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Kyle Busch probably didn’t wish for his Joe Gibbs Racing career to end in the way that it has so far.

The soon-to-be Richard Childress Racing driver only has one race with his team he has been since 2007, where he won two Championship and 56 of his 60 Cup Series victories.

However, things have turned sour in the last couple of months, with Busch finding a way to hit out at his current employees. He hinted that JGR has been sidelining him from the team for a while now.

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Furthermore, he also once said that he would like to win JGR’s 200 Cup race win so that they will have to look at him whenever they look at the record.

However, Busch’s end to his JGR career is not coming out as he might have planned. In the penultimate race of the season, Busch fell to the last position with 4 laps behind the leaders.

His wife Samantha Busch lamented this in her Twitter post by laying the blame on the “ill handling car”. She tweeted:

“Heartbreaking, even when he has had an ill handling car he’s been fighting his butt off each week to make the best of it and get the best finishes possible for his team. After so many years, memories, wins and championships hate to see this end on such a low note.”

Both Samantha and Kyle have been hitting out at JGR on a number of occasions. And as the season draws to a close, they seem to be getting even more critical of JGR’s handling of the situation. And it’s probably not the last time that we hear this from them.

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3 thoughts on ““He has had an ill handling car” – Samantha Busch blames JGR for Kyle Busch’s career with them ending on a “low note””

  1. I have been a fan of the Bush brothers for a long time, what JGR did is wrong, I hope what comes around, go’s around

  2. The problem is they are not even letting him finish out with his team. Did they not swap his pit crew out to Hamlin when Kyle was eliminated from the playoffs?

  3. Loren R Chiever

    Joe Gibbs is getting his karma dose right now. He has a grandson that will destroy what little reputation he has left. I feel he left all respect for Kyle behind and had the team destroyed to make Kyle look the villain, He will see what it is like to have your flesh and blood destroy his team.

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