How some of Bubba Wallace's close friends in NASCAR reacted to his incident with Kyle Larson Larson

“Extremely, extremely dumb” – How some of Bubba Wallace’s close friends in NASCAR reacted to his incident with Kyle Larson Larson

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Bubba Wallace is a very polarizing figure in NASCAR for a number of things but his latest incident has resulted in similar views from various sections of NASCAR.

The incident between Wallace and Kyle Larson in the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has drawn criticism for the 23XI Racing driver. He retaliated against the Hendrick Motorsports driver, thereby taking out both drivers out of the race.

NASCAR issued a one-race suspension but many felt the penalty was not harsh enough given the nature of the incident. Many professionals have reacted to the incident with Joey Logano even calling the incident life-threatening for Larson.

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Daniel Suarez labelled the move as “extremely dumb”. He said that penalty was justified and that drivers have to be smarter.

“In my opinion, all of those moves were extremely, extremely dumb. Both of them. And both of them I was going to be extremely surprised if there were no penalties.”

“Like before even those situations happened, I will never do something like that. I mean not that clear (laughs). You have to be smarter. I don’t know what those guys were thinking but I am glad NASCAR is reacting to this.”

Corey LaJoie had a similar response. He also added that it would be the last time Wallace does such a thing on the race track.

You hate to see it. But it’s justified. We saw a suspension for Matt Kenseth for wrecking Joey Logano at Martinsville. We’ve seen very similar penalties for similar actions. And I don’t believe Bubba Wallace is gonna do that again.”

As for Ryan Blaney, he didn’t give a clear answer as to Wallace’s action or NASCAR’s decision to penalize the driver.

“Yeah, I spoke to him. Didn’t speak of that but it’s NASCAR’s decision, whatever they thought was the right thing to do in that kind of case.”

Wallace will miss the race at Homestead-Miami Speedway but will be back at Martinsville Speedway.

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4 thoughts on ““Extremely, extremely dumb” – How some of Bubba Wallace’s close friends in NASCAR reacted to his incident with Kyle Larson Larson”

    1. I would agree! Not to mention I’ve heard no one talk of Kyle being shoved around after just crushing the wall in that hit! All the concussions and such with the next Gen car and no talk of Kyle and potential injuries as Bubba’s shoving him like the bully he was… Not enough Nascar. Entire season should be over.


    One race suspension for the hit,but what about getting out of the car on a live track,walking 45 seconds to Kyle’s car ,pushing him,not getting in the ambulance cussing a nascar official! Not fine or points lost for that!

  2. Hey Denny I’m a fan of yours not a Twitter troll…you cliam your for safety…yet a one race suspension is ok for what bubba did??…he could hurt Kyle or other drivers with his stupid antics …..maybe I need to re think who I choice to cheer for…

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