Bubba Wallace still listed as ‘playoffs'

Fairness or Favoritism?

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So, after reading many different takes on, and several days removed from, the Bubba Wallace incident at Las Vegas, I have a few thoughts and hopefully, a little different perspective.

I have heard it all, from Jr. saying he should not have been suspended to Kyle Petty calling for suspension for the rest of the year.

Nascar suspended Bubba Wallace for one race. No points taken, no anger management classes and no fines.

Here’s the facts-
Larson “squeezed” Bubba up, never made contact and Bubba went into the wall to avoid Larson. Then Bubba got mad and hooked Larson in the right rear, intentionally! Bell got caught up and had his day ended, THEN Bubba exited his car and walked across a “Hot” track ignoring Nascar officials. Bubba then proceeded to shove Larson several times into a wrecked car with jagged metal protruding. Then he proceeded to put hands on officials several times and refused to get into the ambulance.

And for all that, a one race suspension? Favoritism much?

Let’s look at some history- Tony Stewart gets a big fine and anger management classes for knocking a camera out of a reporter’s hand after repeatedly telling said reporter that he did not want to do an interview. Kyle Larson gets to take nascar’s diversity class for uttering a bad word (yes, it was wrong) during a video game. The list goes on for harsher punishments for, in my opinion, lesser crimes.
The argument can be made that this is really Bubba’s first infraction, I don’t care!

My view- Bubba should be suspended for the rest of the year, Take anger management classes, loss of 100 drivers point and 100 owners’ points. a $100,000 fine for him and the team. Suspension of the crew chief for 4 races. In other words, throw the book at him.

I believe this is appropriate for these simple reasons. He physically assaulted a fellow driver, disrespected Nascar officials and refused protocol and so many different levels.
Bottom line- Bubba is not special and deserves to be treated like any other driver would be treated, not catered to.

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2 thoughts on “Fairness or Favoritism?”

  1. Gordon Hutcherson

    Exactly right! He won’t learn from one race suspension. Should of had the book thrown at him! So if another driver ever disrespects the officials they’ll catch holy hell if they fine or suspend the person.Nascar shot thierselfs in the foot on that one. Double Standard for sure!!!

  2. Double standards, bigots? Noah Gragson took out 11 cars while intentionally retaliating against Sage Karam. How many people did the ,” Intimidator” wreck intentionally? I can go on, but why argue with bigots.

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