Denny Hamlin hits out at unfair criticism of Wallace on social media

“Twitter trolls who talks s**t about people” – Denny Hamlin takes swipe at unfair criticism of Wallace on social media

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Denny Hamlin expressed his displeasure at  “Twitter trolls” who unfairly criticize drivers without the qualification to do so.

Twitter is a place populated with people giving opinions about almost everything. While everyone has the right to express their opinion, but sometimes some drivers are criticized more than others.

One such driver that is on the receiving end of a lot of criticism on Twitter is 23XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace. Wallace has said a number of times how people will regard him differently than other drivers. Last year he was criticized a lot while fighting for equality in NASCAR.

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He continues to receive criticism this season for undue reasons in many cases. Recently, he was involved in a clash with Kyle Larson and while he denied it, it seemed like he retaliated against Larson’s move on the race track. He received a one-race suspension but many fans were not happy with NASCAR’s decision to not fine him more severely.

This situation has led to renewed criticism of the driver. However, Wallace’s team co-owner Denny Hamlin is taking none of it. Recently, he got into a war of words with sprint car driver Danny Dietrick who seemed to make fun of the situation.

Dietrich suggested that Wallace is not good for NASCAR to which Hamlin replied: “Ohhh. You are one of those..”.

Then, Dietrick wanted Hamlin to elaborate on what he meant by “one of those”  to which Hamlin replied:

“One of those Twitter trolls who talks shit about people they’ve never met, never raced against nor has the credibility to speak on the talent level of those they are commenting on.”

Hamlin is not taking any criticism from the trolls who don’t have the qualification to pass such judgements. After all, Wallace continues to win races every season he is with 23XI Racing and prove his place in the NASCAR top tier.

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33 thoughts on ““Twitter trolls who talks s**t about people” – Denny Hamlin takes swipe at unfair criticism of Wallace on social media”

  1. Wallace has been a trouble maker for a long time now . He should have been suspended for at least the rest of the year . Maybe he would quit the poor me crap .

  2. The bottom line is, he’s not that great of a driver. (My opinion). Denny is backing Bubba right now because his contract just got renewed. I doubt Bubba will get a 3rd contract. Much better drivers out there that can put the 23XI team on the map. That 23 team is losing money and will continue to do so as long as Bubba keeps crashing.

  3. Bubba would regain some respect if he would engage his brain before putting his mouth in gear, focus on driving the race car and keep the racism out of racing.

  4. Christopher Clark

    Fact Bubba Wallace used a stock car at 180 mph to crash another driver intentionally. This is completely inexcusable and One race suspension in my personal opinion is not enough when you have put somebody else’s career and potentially life in danger. Yeah I’m one of those.

    1. And the fact that Larson ran him into the wall at 180 mph doesn’t enter into the conversation? Everyone wants to complain that Bubba put Larson’s life in danger, but there’s no risk in Bubba being forced into the wall at 180? Maybe Larson needs to back his aggression off a little, I believe he has been at fault in a couple of crashes this season…..

      1. Your obviously cross eyed if you think Larson drove that guy into the wall. He did no such thing. That guy needs more than a one race suspension after what he did intentionally!

      2. David Simington

        Check the footage. Kyle never touched him. Let alone forced him into the wall. His refusal to get out of the gas by his own admission is what caused him to hit the wall. He says he ain’t gonna lift for nobody. Know your facts beforehand.

      3. Racing move that happens every week. Both cars running full tilt after that. Gather it up and get back to racing, especially at 180 mph. What did Christopher Bell do??

      4. That’s ridiculous. Kyle Larson got loose and lifted. It was not intentional. Are u condoning Bubba Wallace’s actions? Kenny Wallace stated that Larson didn’t touch him. Bubba obviously should have lifted. What Bubba Wallace did was intentional. Then he attacked Larson and pushed a nascar official. He knows nothing will be done to him for his actions. He a bully and people despise him. Nascar fans are sick of having him shoved down their throats. What has he done to deserve the press he gets? The push that nascar gives him?? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

      5. If you look at the replay, Larson did not touch Bubba’s car, but Bubba did hit the wall and bounced off on Larson and then Bubba decided he wows going to take!arson out. Bubba should have been fined, and suspended for the rest of the year.

    2. Right there with you. He should be out for the year at the very least. And Hamlin’s comments insulted every nascar fan. We are the o es who pay the ridiculous prices to pay his bills so he clearly has no respect for fans either.

    3. Billy Lethbridge

      Say a certain word and your suspended indefenitly ,but accually wrecking someone intentionally with the chance someone could get hurt or killed you get one race suspension makes no since. I’m was an avid fan but you have bitches like Denny Hamlin who bumps,bangs, and wrecks other drivers all the time but it’s not his fault but someone fart in his direction and there on his list what a hack then you have this bull shit with Bubba Wine ass I’m done, ps Denny you fucking suck

  5. Bubba is not singled out, Kyle Busch receives the same hate but no one says anything about that! There is always at least one villain and currently it’s Bubba the Bully Wallace and he has earned it.

    1. Kyle Bush is always criticized for being a jerk. Because he is! Difference is he doesn’t whine about it. He embraces it because he tries hard to be one. Wallace whines constantly about who ran him too hard, got taken out, never his fault. It’s always the same complaints. Like the sound says, shut up and drive. Stop acting like the star who’s being victimized. He needs to take a lesson from Bell or Larson or even Suarez.

  6. Larson admitted his part of the incident and conducted himself as a professional after the wreck. Bubba has a temper and has displayed it pretty often. I’ve been following Nascar for over 60 years and I don’t see Bubba as a top tier driver. His only major win was rain shortened and even in the equipment he is in now he doesn’t have a good finish rate.

  7. Hamlin if wallace hadn’t taken out Larson you would not have made it above the cut line. No one belives wallace and their starting to think the same about you. We see the whining from wallace every week and you say he’s a good driver,get real.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Denny and Bubba shoiuld stay together but not on the racing world.. Denny girl friend stated that he was an angry person and so is Bubba. They both should quit driving race cars. What would it be like if he would have killed Larson???????

  8. Think about this Cam Newton,Bubb Wallace I can’t remember the name of the guy that doesn’t stand for the national anthem or maybe I just don’t want to recognize him ,nip it in the bud. It will go away. One race suspension. wonder how that would have turned out if that was Larson who turned into bubbles and walked across a hot track ,pushed an official ,and rudely talked to a reporter asking for a friend nice coaching MJ andDenny

  9. Bubba Wallace is not now or ever will be a top nascar driver he’s bully and a crybaby just like Hamlin he needs kicked out of nascar for good and jailed for assault McDonald’s you suck

  10. Denny you are as bad as Bubbles the Clown. Growva pair and say what that idiot did was reckless. Get over yourself and that clown you think is so amazing. Not even close to amazing.

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