Logano says Wallace's action could have cost Larson his life

Wallace’s action could have cost Larson his career or even his life – Joey Logano

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Joey Logano was not happy with the way Bubba Wallace acted on the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Kyle Larson.

The incident happened when Larson pushed Wallace to the wall on lap 95. In retaliation, Wallace moved towards Larson and hit his No. 5 car, taking both of their cars for a spin.

Wallace was still frustrated with Larson and approached him after getting out of his car. He then shoved Larson continuously.

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Many people were not happy with Wallace’s actions with many calling out for Wallace to be punished. Logano spoke about the incident and said that it is worse than it looks because it could have cost Larson his life.

“The retaliation is not OK in the way it happened,” Logano said Tuesday during “The Morning Drive” on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “If he spun him to the infield, maybe it’s a little better, but right-rear hooking someone in the dogleg is not OK. I don’t know if everyone realizes how bad that could have been. That could have been the end of Kyle Larson’s career. That to me was what was on the line. Or his life. That is the worst spot to get right-rear hooked into a corner. The dogleg is pretty sharp. When you come in and hit the angle that he hit, in a way, he was lucky to hit (Bell) a little bit to soften it a little bit.

“(Larson) might have flush-hit that thing in the side. And then game over. There’s no room for that. You can’t do that. If it’s under caution and you’re banging doors. I don’t know that that’s OK, either, but at least you’re not putting someone’s life at risk. … I don’t like using cars for a weapon.

“If you’re that mad, just get out and fight him. That’s fine if that’s what you really want to do and that’s how you want to handle it. That’s fine. You can make someone’s life hell if you want to racing them, but do I think just straight up blasting them into the wall is OK, no. Because the consequences are way bigger than just a race, and you’ll live with regret the rest of your life. That’s the bottom line. If you seriously injured somebody in retaliation for something that wasn’t huge, I don’t think you can live with yourself after that. I don’t want to take that risk.”

Retaliation is never a good thing especially while racing at high speed. Fortunately, there was no harm to both the drivers but things could have turned out to be much worse as Larson pointed out.

Wallace apologized for the incident after that. However, he could still be punished by NASCAR.

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9 thoughts on “Wallace’s action could have cost Larson his career or even his life – Joey Logano”

    1. I watched the race and I thought what bubba Wallace did was really bad. And then getting out of his car to go push on Larson was not called for. He needs to go to anger management he needs to be fined and suspended. Just because Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan owns the team he still should be fined, anger management, and suspended. But of course he is driving for owner points.

  1. Needs to be parked. Telemetry showed he was at full throttle throughout the incident. Lying on camera about not having any steering. Total BS.

  2. The “punishment “ nascar awarded is a slap in the face to Kyle. What happened when nascar took offense to his remark on e racing. Kyle was benched until he finished prescribed training by nascar. I see a lot of double standards here.

  3. Vincent Rimoldi sr

    He’s luck Larson just stayed away from him I know some other drivers would of knocked the you know what out of him . I would of of

  4. Wish he would walk up n push Denny Hamlin or someone his size so he get knock on is ass he is trouble n nascar should fix it right now uncalled for stop babying BUBBA

  5. I think it shows what real class a true Nascar racer has when you are being punked on national television and not to retaliate shows Larson is a true racer, therefor it shows another 2 things as because Nascar is afraid of penalizing him cause he isn’t white is total b.s., he wants to race like that sit his ass the rest of year. That man has a family and what would Nascar do if that man wasn’t to return to them cause of this careless act of sportsmanship just another blow to the higher ups smmfh

  6. I think Nascar has to do something because doing nothing says it’s okay for all drivers to do the same!

    Then the race will have deaths in it and that’s not good.

    I’ll be waiting to see what’s going happened next race.

  7. NASCAR has been way to forgiving for anything bubba has done this year because of being called racist.Bubba has been taking advantage of it and pushing a little more every race.It will get worse until nascar steps up.A one race suspension is not stepping up.

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