Kyle Busch hits out at JGR again for sidelining him from the team

“Been this way all year” – Kyle Busch hits out at JGR again for sidelining him from the team

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Kyle Busch has been very vocal towards the way he was treated by Joe Gibbs Racing leading to the drivers’ exit from the team.

15 years of a productive relationship between Busch and JGR is drawing to a close as the driver is set to join Richard Childress Racing from the 2023 season.

Even though Busch is one of the most successful drivers in the JGR team, the departure has left a bitter taste for both parties involved. s Busch’s longtime sponsor M&M Mars decided to not return for Busch’s team, JGR found it hard to find sponsorship for the driver.

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Busch has hit out at JGR on a number of occasions. Recently, he spoke about his desire to win JGR’s 200 Cup race win so that they will have one more reason to thank him.

Before the race at Vegas, JGR’s official Twitter account posted some pictures including all its Cup drivers.

One of the fans was quick to point out the way JGR revealed all its drivers.

Busch agreed with the fan’s analysis and replied to the post by taking shots at how JGR treated him throughout this year.

With 56 Cup race wins and two championships for JGR, Busch has already cemented himself as a JGR legend. However, things are turning pretty sour with the two parties at the moment. Given Busch’s nature, he would like to have a last laugh by showing JGR what they will miss with his new team.

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8 thoughts on ““Been this way all year” – Kyle Busch hits out at JGR again for sidelining him from the team”

  1. Does it surprise anyone that Gibbs’s bruised ego allows him to treat Bush this way ? This team has been caught cheating and bending rules how many times ? Preach one way, act another. He screwed how many other teams and took their drivers. I can’t stand Bush’s child like behavior but you can’t deny he is a top talent. He will still be the same baby at Childress, but at least he won’t be driving for a phonie.

  2. most times when the race car indicator lights are on TV screen , Kyle Busch is the one who does not ride the brakes. Don’t really like him but he is a talented driver.

  3. Joe Gibbs is a hypocritical bully who has always let is ego rule him. Pretending to be this religious man but anyone who watched his career all the way back to football knows his actions prove otherwise. So glad Kyle is leaving to go to work for a man who doesn’t pretend to be anything but a business owner and family man. I’m sure Kyle will continue to do great things. That smart ass grandson of his will never be anything close to the talented driver Kyle is.

  4. Kyle Busch is NOT a crybaby …..Kyle tells it like it is!! He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade in a sport that is full of cheaters and bullies. Kyle isn’t an angel, but he sure does know how to race! Time and time and time again, if Kyle is at the back of the pack any time in a race, unless he has a crappy car, Kyle will whiz through the cars and get in the top 10 cars racing on the track. He doesn’t get all of the WINS by being a cheat or a bad driver. He’s taken his lumps in fines and race losses, but he’s no quitter! You can’t take his record from him! I hope to see him in the winner’s circle more often after leaving JGR and pulling out another championship!

  5. I am disappointed in the way Joe Gibbs has treated Kyle. Claiming that he couldn’t find Kyle a sponsor which I don’t believe. So I would like to know who is going to drive the 18 car next year. I would bet anything it will be his grandson so he just wanted to get rid of Kyle. This is just my opinion but I think it is dirty. Ty Gibbs will never be as good as Kyle Busch but Joe Gibbs has live with his dession. I will be praying for him you know what they say about carma what goes around comes around.

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