Bubba Wallce gets called out for fighting Kyle Larson at Las Vegas

“Just disgusting and horrendous to see” – Bubba Wallace gets called out for fighting Kyle Larson at Las Vegas

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Bubba Wallace who drives the No. 45 for  23XI Racing NASCAR team, encountered heavy criticism for picking a fight with HMS driver Kyle Larson on Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Wallace occurred to come face to face speaking to Larson and it seemed like Larson said something back to Bubba he was not happy with about.

Bubba confronted the No.5 driver Kyle Larson in the middle of Sunday afternoon’s race.

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The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Champion was eliminated from Playoffs contention last weekend at Charlotte , didn’t appear to understand how frustrated Bubba was. 

There was some shoving and physical altercation, however, the fight didn’t escalated to anything major between the two drivers.

Bubba denied that he wrecked Larson on purpose following his exit from the infield care center. Wallace explained that he was unable to steer his car after hitting the wall.

“When you get shoved in the fence deliberately like he did trying to force me to lift — steering was gone. He just so happened to be there,” Wallace said.

“He knows what he did was wrong,” Wallace said of Larson. “He wanted to question what I was doing, he never cleared me.”

Larson said that he understood why Wallace was upset with his aggressive move and pointed out that Wallace’s attempt to retaliate ended both of their races, not just Larson’s.

“I obviously made an aggressive move into [Turn 3], got in low and loose and chased it up a bit and he got to my right front and it got him tight and into the wall,” Larson said.

“Knew he was going to retaliate so like I said, he had a reason to be mad. But his race wasn’t over until he retaliated.”

Wallace got called out by multiple reporter and journalists for his action towards Kyle Larson. 

“Absolutely unacceptable from Bubba Wallace.

That is is just disgusting and horrendous to see.” – Austin Konenski 

It’s unclear whether NASCAR will announce any punishment for the No. 45 car driver moving ahead.

This is currently a developing story. Additional info and details will be added when released.

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