Tony Stewart mad at NASCAR

“Wouldn’t waste my time” – Tony Stewart prefers not to be in “another NASCAR race the rest of the year” if he could

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Stewart-Haas Racing owner Tony Stewart expressed his displeasure at NASCAR for penalizing one of his drivers.

The driver in question is Cole Custer who was deducted 50 championship points and fined $100,000. His crew chief was also fined $100,000 and suspended indefinitely.

Cole Custer penalized 50 points for deliberately blocking drivers to secure Chase Briscoe Round of 8 qualification

The penalty came about as Custer seemed to intentionally slow down to block cars so that his SHR teammate Chase Briscoe could qualify for the next round of the playoffs.

With Custer’s move, Briscoe was able to finish the race with two points more than defending champion Kyle Larson, who was eliminated from the playoffs.

In light of the situation, Stewart was asked about the penalty. However, he was in no mood to talk about it but expressed his discontent nonetheless.

“I’m not going to talk about it. I’m so mad at NASCAR right now, I’m not talking about it,”.

He added that he is glad he is not attending the NASCAR race this weekend. Furthermore, he also said that he would prefer not to be in attendance for NASCAR races this season if he could.

“Super glad I’m going drag racing this weekend. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got a couple of appearances that I must make, I wouldn’t be in another NASCAR race the rest of the year. Wouldn’t waste my time,” Stewart said.

As for NASCAR, the president Scott Miller said that Custer would have had to face an even severe penalty if it would have been the deciding factor of Briscoe’s playoff entry.

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10 thoughts on ““Wouldn’t waste my time” – Tony Stewart prefers not to be in “another NASCAR race the rest of the year” if he could”

      1. There’s blocking, and there is slowing down and blocking. Nobody would have an issue at all if he maintained speed and used up all the racetrack. But that is not what he did. That being said, every other series allows this except nascar. All the open wheel series cars do this!

  1. What do you call what Elliot did to Harvick at Bristol Elliot on purpose slowed down and blocked Harvick so Larson could catch up pass Harvick for the win Everything about Nascar now is Hendrick if it ain’t going their way Nascar has a problem. If roles were reversed nothing would be said

    1. Ronnie Van Buskirk

      That is so true NASCAR has always taken care of Rick Hendrick,and made sure the rest of the teams stayed in line ,they play favorites!!!!!

  2. They forgot about the time Gordon got in because of Boyer and Waltrip. I’m a Larson fan they were already announcing that Larson was out and Briscoe in. Briscoe is my next favorite. What they have done with SHR this year is disgraceful.

  3. Michael L McCall

    Remember when Elliot did the same thing to Harvick, no penalty for him. I can’t stand NASCAR, win one race and you are in the playoffs. Back in the day before playoffs it was how you did the entire year was the champion

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