Dale Jr. responds to Hamlin's NASCAR criticism

“Dumba***, why did we have to go this far” – Dale Jr. responds to Hamlin’s NASCAR criticism

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave his opinions on the recent debate raging in the NASCAR community regarding the safety of the Next Gen cars.

The Next Gen safety concerns have been a central talking point of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. And with the two drivers suffering concussion-like symptoms, the debate has intensified in recent days.

One of the outspoken figures regarding this issue is Joe Gibbs Racings’s Denny Hamlin and his comments regarding the “bad leadership” in NASCAR has created a big buzz in the community.

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Dale Jr. also weighed in on his opinions and spoke about Hamlin’s comments.

“Denny went right into the media, and he went scorched earth,” Earnhardt said. “He said things like, ‘There needs to be new leadership, change the leadership.’ He then clarified on Sunday he didn’t mean they needed to fire Steve Phelps. He just feels like the people that are in charge of this particular design on the car failed to see some very critical things as the car was being tested and all these things.”

While the Hall of Famer might not agree with all the criticism Hamlin made, he certainly agrees with Hamlin regarding the design of the car. He also added that work needs to be done on the side impacts, front impacts, rear impacts, among other issues.

“Personally, me, I want to go, ‘Well, d******, why did we have to go this far with this design?’ Why did this car have to be so far removed from what we were doing, to begin with? Why did we have to jump to the other extreme? I mean, we’ve basically got a sports car running around these ovals. A car designed for road courses now racing at mile-and-a-half oval tracks.”

Earnhardt Jr. himself had to face some health concerns during his racing career. He missed 18 races during the 2016 season due to a concussion.

While there are suggestions in the discussion that says that safety is a never-ending quest, which is true. However, this doesn’t mean that safety shouldn’t be the main priority right now. In that light, NASCAR will be doing a crash test at an undisclosed location in Ohio.

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