Brad Keselowski wants harsher punishment for Ty Gibbs

“Penalty is not severe enough” – Brad Keselowski wants harsher punishment for Ty Gibbs

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Brad Keselowski seemed disappointed with the fine that NASCAR issued to Ty Gibbs for the pit road incident at Texas Motor Speedway.

Gibbs was fined $75,000 for intentionally door-slamming Ty Dillon on the pit road, which almost led Dillion’s car to hit a NASCAR official who was inspecting a different vehicle.

The incident created a lot of talks with many people calling out for Gibbs’ lack of professionalism. One of such person was RFK Racing driver-owner Brad Keselowski who said that NASCAR should have posed themselves more strictly in fining Gibbs due to the nature of the incident by putting someone else in danger.

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While Keselowski showed some sympathy to Gibbs, however, he asserted that the top tier of the sport is not a place to make such mistakes. Reflecting on the incident in an episode of “NASCAR Race Hub”,  Keselowski said:

“I can’t be mad at Ty. I did a lot dumber things when I was a teenager, to be honest,” Keselowski said. “But I wasn’t on this stage. This goes to a bigger problem we have about why we really don’t need teenagers at this level. Because this is not the place to learn those lessons.

“I actually think this penalty is not severe enough,” Keselowski continued. “I think we’re to the point now — where you have the body of work that Ty Gibbs has here — It’s time to take a race off. It’s time to take a race off and send a strong message here that ‘We’re not doing this on pit road, guys.’”

The crew who was close to getting hit by Dillion’s car is from Keselowski’s team. He was fixing a broken toe link on Chris Buescher’s Ford.

Keselowski also added that the incident could affect Gibbs in the future as the incident will be a highlight of his career now and could affect him in search of future employers.

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2 thoughts on ““Penalty is not severe enough” – Brad Keselowski wants harsher punishment for Ty Gibbs”

  1. Ty Gibbs is NASCARs Golden Child via Joe Gibbs Racing. Could have severly injured or killed someone on pit road. Maybe suspend him from all divisions for a race or two and he might see the light. He wasn’t penalized harsh enough for his fight with Sam Meyer on pit road to deter his actions the first time.

  2. Robert McClelland

    Nascar won’t punish anyone coming from Gibbs or Toyota. They are too busy kissing Joe’s and Toyota’s ass
    Toyota might quit paying them.

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