Kevin Harvick trolls NASCAR by selling 'crappy-a**' T-shirts after elimination from playoffs

“Happy Crappy-A** Parts 4 Less” – Kevin Harvick trolls NASCAR by selling ‘crappy-a**’ T-shirts after elimination from playoffs

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Kevin Harvick was one of the multiple dissatisfied playoff contenders following Saturday’s Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. 

Bass Pro Shops Night Race was the third race of the 2022 Cup Series playoffs this season, was considered difficult by several drivers after racing most if not all 500-laps on the steeply banked short track.

Kevin Harvick car caught fire in the opening playoff race at Darlington just three weeks ago leading to him calling out NASCAR then.

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Harvick was in position to compete for the win at Bristol until a wheel fell off his Ford ride during the final round of pit stops and knocking him out of the the Cup Series playoffs.

“Just difficult to pass,” Harvick said. “The car is way too fast through the corners. Can’t race.”

“It just kind of goes with the whole year. Nothing has gone right, really. The wheels literally fell off tonight.”

The 46-year-old on Monday following his elimination from playoffs took a dig at NASCAR by selling his own t-shirts with the caption “Happy’s Crappy-Ass Parts 4 Less”.

Harvick, who has been outspoken about the Next Gen car and safety concerns way before it’s debut in the Cup Series, was angry after the first round of the playoffs at Darlington.

“We just keep letting cars burn up. Letting people crash into stuff. Get hurt. We don’t fix anything,” an angry Harvick said. “No we’re just riding around out there and the car catches on fire. Just s***** parts. They don’t care. It’s cheaper to not fix it.”

Kevin Harvick found himself in the wrong for the third straight weekend as a lost tire in his pit stop earlier prompted his exit.

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