Martin Truex Jr was seen giving his own car the “middle finger” at Bristol 

A furious Martin Truex Jr was seen giving his own car the “middle finger” at Bristol 

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Several Cup Series playoff drivers had some sort of difficulty with the new Next Gen NASCAR car at Bristol last weekend.

Next Gen spec car that was brought in to leveled the playing field got exposed on multiple occasions for various durability problems from the get-go.

Truex Jr. finished last of 36 cars in field at the Bass Pro Shops Night Race after his power steering went dead.

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“Blew the seal out and pushed all the fluid out on the right front tire,” Truex said after having problems with his Toyota.

The 2017 champion experienced steering problems that knocked his team out of the race with under 200 laps completed.

Truex Jr. also added that the “crappy parts” were partially to blame.

The 42-year-old driver was frustrated with his car and could be seen giving his own car the middle finger after he loses power steering which ultimately forced out of the race and the playoffs.

“There’s another one,” he said with a smirk. Truex also referred back to Kevin Harvick’s words after his car caught fire in the opening playoff race at Darlington three weeks ago.


“What Harvick say?” Truex said of his own Saturday night issue. “Crappy parts.”

The Next Gen has been questioned over safety issues since rumors of disastrous crash tests during the development steps.

Joe Gibbs Racing has had it’s fair share of struggles all season long on pit road and with cars that have underperformed or had mechanical problems.

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