Richard Childress brutally informs Tyler Reddick an hour before that he won’t be driving the No.8 in 2023, Kyle Busch will 

Richard Childress brutally informs Tyler Reddick an hour before that he won’t be driving the No.8 in 2023, Kyle Busch will 

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Richard Childress Racing made an official announced on Tuesday that two-time Cup champion Kyle Busch will drive the No. 8 Chevrolet for the organization in the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series.

Busch move to RCR will bring an end to the his 15 years long-running partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing.

“He’s a bit of a hypocrite, I guess,” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. candidly calls Kyle Busch a hypocrite

“RCR has an impressive history in NASCAR and I’m honored that Richard is putting his trust in me to come in and continue to build on that legacy,” Busch said in a press release. 

“Growing up in a family of passionate racers myself, I feel like the culture that the Childress family has built within their organization will be an ideal fit for me. 

As I begin the next chapter of my career, I’m looking forward to driving for RCR and working with everyone there to add more wins and championships to both of our resumes.”

About an hour before the announcement team owner Richard Childress savagely told Tyler Reddick that he will not be driving the 8 car next season, however Kyle Busch will.

Tyler Reddick is still under contact for next season with RCR and will remain with the team in another chartered entry.

Car owner Richard Childress said he met with Tyler Reddick about an hour ago to tell him he would not be driving the No. 8 car next year. 

Kyle Busch will be in the 8 next year. – Dustin Long

The 37-year-old, will drive the No. 8 Chevy starting 2023, according to the press release, and it’s a multi-year deal. 

Tyler Reddick, who currently drives the No. 8, remains under contract to RCR and will drive for the team next year. Reddick had previously declared openly that he will drive for 23XI Racing in 2024.

“He’s not driving that car next year” – Ty Gibbs to replace Kyle Busch at Joe Gibbs Racing in the No.18 

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22 thoughts on “Richard Childress brutally informs Tyler Reddick an hour before that he won’t be driving the No.8 in 2023, Kyle Busch will ”

    1. Tyler doesn’t deserve any better, his timing to RCR On leaving sucks!
      I always thought there were rules or professional courtesy in approaching someone under contract with another team !

      1. Dale Jr announced his move to Hendrick with 20 races still left with DEI in 2007. Kasey Kahne announced his move to Hendrick a full two seasons before (he’d end up driving for Red Bull Racing in the season after leaving RPM). Announcing future signings allows teams to secure sponsorships and solidify contracts that would otherwise take months to years to materialize. Generally, as long as a driver isn’t driving for or doing promotions for another team/manufacturer, they aren’t violating the terms of their current contract.

      2. Great, Reddick did Richard wrong, so if I was Childress I’d keep him in a non-winning car all next season 😉 😀 😳 😜 😄 😬.

        1. That’s just stupid he gave him a year plus notice . It doesn’t matter how he did it he could have been like the baby Childress is and have him a hour notice. Childress needs to grow up get over it and let the kid out of his contract

          1. Reddick announced it to the world he would not be racing with RCR. He didn’t do it privately. That makes worse. He got an hour notice. At least he got private notice. At least he didn’t got blind sided in public.

    2. This is better. He can make it a test car and try all kinds of stuff. Tyler is the one that was unprofessional, so letting him go is a reward. Making him stay and be a glorified test Driver after his career breakout season fits the level of respect he gave RCR.

    1. Actually it’s the exact opposite. He gave them a year & a half notice, they gave him 1 lousy hour. So, has he been lying to Tyler up until an hour ago?

      1. Reddick gave RCR one hour notice BEFORE his announcement that he would drive for 23XI in 2024. RCR had no advance notice of Riddick’s announcement except one hour before. Turnabout is fair play here in business.

      2. A hour? We still have 7 races left. I dont think Tyler should of left RCR tge way he did. Richard didnt even hear he was leaving from him. He heard it through the grapevine.

  1. I hope Childress regrets the very first seconds he contemplated hiring that aashole busch because he will!!!!! Screw up
    No word on the poor sponsor so far?

  2. Robert Bullwinkel

    Problem is Tyler didn’t discuss anything with Childress he announced it to the world first ignoring all professionalism which was received as a stab in the back to RCR racing and Richard personally

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