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Looks like Kyle Busch will be driving for R.C.R. in 2023.

We have all heard this over the last few days. Seems like the details that need to be worked out are K.B.M., switching everything to the Bowtie brigade.

We will find all this out on Tuesday, according to media reports.
I want to look and speculate beyond this move. And please read this with the attitude that this is pure speculation.

If Kyle moves to the #8 car, that means Tyler Reddick is out, which if you happen to listen to my podcast, “Burn It Down Nascar Podcast” on YouTube, you might have heard me speculate about the fact that I believe, no matter how well Tyler does this year, he’s done at R.C.R. at the end of 2022. Richard Childress does not take kindly to disloyalty, Period.

Here’s what I think may happen, and it is extensive, so buckle-up.

Kyle Busch will be in the #8 car at R.C.R. in 2023. K.B.M will switch to Chevy.
Ty Gibbs will take over the #18 car.

23×1 racing will obtain a third charter and Tyler Reddick will be at 23×1 in a third car in 2023.
Kurt Busch will return for the 2023 campaign and then retire, most likely moving into some sort of managerial position at 23×1.
Denny Hamlin will move to 23×1 in 2024 and take over the #45 car.

And, Trevor Bayne will finally get his second chance and drive the #11 for J.G.R.

Personally, I love Kyle Busch moving to R.C.R. racing. I am really excited for the opportunities this opens up for other young drivers. This may bring R.C.R. back into relevance, the likes of which they have not seen since the Dale Sr. days.
As I said, this is pure speculation, however, it is fun to do.

What do you think will happen?

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