Bubba 23Xi Spotter hits out at NASCAR Darlington statement 

“how in the world can you come out and say that” – Bubba 23Xi Spotter hits out at NASCAR Darlington statement 

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After a whole year of delay, the newly introduced Next Gen car is finally in action for the current NASCAR Cup Series 2022 season.

Next-Gen cars arrived onto the scene with some extreme changes in 2022, the main purpose was to make Cup racing tougher and more competitive.

Cup Series drivers and racing experts on multiple occasions have criticize next gen cars while attracting several controversy off-late especially in the playoffs.

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On one of this week episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast Bubba Wallace 23Xi Racing spotter Freddie Kraft openly called out the organization NASCAR.

Kraft criticized NASCAR for their response statement regarding the Darlington wreck over the weekend.

I mean first of all, how in the world can you come out and say that we’re suddenly hitting the wall differently than we ever have?”- Kraff

What does that look like?  He said. What are these angles we’ve never hit at before that was suddenly hit this year that was never done?”

“You are never gonna convince me that we are wrecking differently now… The statements of wrecking in different angles.. you were never gonna sell me on that,” the Door Bumper Clear co-host further asserted Kraff added.

NASCAR released a technical bulletin on Tuesday instructing that its race teams replace part of the right side back stop panel of the Next Gen car with stainless steel as a means of addressing the issue of the cars catching fireon the track.

This modification comes following Kevin Harvick’s car catching fire at Darlington,crashing him out of the Southern 500.

Kraff on NASCAR explanation statement to the Darlington incident.

So they came out and said, NASCAR’s statement was ‘the reason why the drivers are feeling the effects now are 1) we’re hitting it in different angles now and 2) we’re going faster than we’ve ever got before.”

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