Complete bullsh*t -  Kevin Harvick’s crew chief calls out NASCAR for Next-Gen chaos

Complete bullsh*t –  Kevin Harvick’s crew chief calls out NASCAR for Next-Gen chaos

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Former NASCAR Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick and his crew chief voiced their  frustrations with NASCAR and its new Next-Gen car after Harvick car caught fire Sunday night in Darlington.

On Lap 276, a blaze erupted out of both sides of the underneath of Kevin Harvick’s No. 4 car which forced Harvick to bring it to a stop at the bottom of Turn 1. 

Harvick was able to safely depart the vehicle which quickly became ruined by fire.

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With NASCAR failing to address the safety issues with the Next-Gen car, the veteran driver and his crew chief had some harsh words for NASCAR after the race.

Rodney Childers, crew chief of the No. 4 Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing, took to Twitter to call out NASCAR openly about the mess that happened in his car.

“Complete bullsh*t… Was going to be a great night” said Childers 

“Lets put holes in the nose that will pick up every piece of rubber off the track. Let’s mandate 75% open grill area going to the rocker boxes. Let’s have a fan blowing air thru that hose to make sure the rubber reaches the headers. Then once the rubber stacks up and catches fire.” he added

“Then we will have the equivalent of a leaf blower blowing oxygen on the fire and see how fast it gets a lot bigger”

In Harvick’s post race interview with reporters, he didn’t hold back, ranting at NASCAR for not caring about the drivers safety and blatantly calling them out for their incompetence. 

“I’m sure it’s just crappy parts on the race car like we’ve seen so many times. They haven’t fixed anything. It’s kind of like the safety stuff. We just let it keep going and keep going,” Harvick said.

Crew chief Rodney Childers provided receipts however, he later deleted few of tweets of him calling out NASCAR for unknown reasons.