Richard Childress now wants Tyler Reddick gone sooner rather than later

Unhappy Richard Childress now wants Tyler Reddick gone sooner rather than later

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The premature announcement of RCR driver Tyler Reddick move to 23XI Racing took the NASCAR world  by surprise only days after his first win in the Cup series.

Reddick’s move came as a shock to most, primarily Reddick’s current team owner Richard Childress, who was not pleased about the announcement based on his response in a recent statement.

Weeks following the announcement, RCR Team Owner Richard Childress still seems angry at Reddick.

Denny Hamlin hits back at Richard Childress admitting he’s tired of “leaked announcements“ on Tyler Reddick 23XI signing

 “The biggest surprise was when he came to us less than one hour before the announcement: Richard Childress said.  I don’t think it showed any respect for his race team or everyone who got him where he is.”

“Less than one hour before the announcement? A lot of stuff swirls around an 18-month announcement,”

According to reports, Richard Childress wants Typer Reddick gone before the start of next Cup Series Season. 

The 76-year-old really knows how to hold a grievance against  ‘betrayals’. Richard Childress Racing Xfinity Series driver Austin Hill is named as the possible favorites to replace Reddick when he leaves.

A credible source recently hinted knowingly when asked if it was clearly obvious that Childress didn’t want Reddick around next year. 

The source also admitted that Childress knows that almost everyone within NASCAR knows he wants Reddick gone sooner rather than later.

Tyler Reddick is a two-time Xfinity champion. He won the series back in 2018 with JRM and in 2019 with (RCR) Richard Childress Racing. 

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45 thoughts on “Unhappy Richard Childress now wants Tyler Reddick gone sooner rather than later”

    1. Yes he does, it’s called no loyalty to your team an apparently he doesn’t know how to appreciate having a winning ride. RCR gave him a job he didn’t deserve anyway because he’s not that good. I hope RCR cuts him 1 hour before Sunday’s race. Better maybe they’ll give him a pos to drive Sunday and then fire him 1 hour after the race on Sunday. That’s the problem with these young drivers now, they think there’s no reason to respect the team, owner or fans because it’s all about them. I guess he’s learning well from his soon to be boss about showing respect to the elder drivers.

    1. What comes around goes around for Richard he has done the same thing and even worst ask anyone on the inside about what he did engine builder Tony Corentte who he promised the moon if he would leave Gibs when Harvick was there and there motors were junk he came he fixed the motors Harvick wins the Daytona 500 now his motors are great no need to pay him anymore so he fired him . Tony sued Richard tied it up in court for years Tony won in a out of court deal but his legal fee’s ate up most of the money . He is NOT a nice man it’s all smoke and mirrors .

  1. Should have honored his contract, Childress gave him a winning car to drive with a crew to support the winning car. For a young driver just coming up in the Cup series to get that kind of equipment and support and NOT honor his contract is just crazy & stupid. He NEEDS to be taught respect and professionalism, I don’t get it, such a fantastic opportunity and then disrespect the giver. I am all for sitting him out for at least a year & then ship him back to xfinity or trucks. he is not worthy of a cup ride.

    1. Reddick is honoring his contract. It’s RCR who wants to backbout of his end. Tyler signed with 23XI for 2024 and told Richard he’d stay and drive next year. Why can an owner dump drivers at will but a driver can’t protect himself and his family??

    2. Dumbest comment award goes to you. Reddick has tried to get an extension from Childress. Childress packed his pud to long so Reddick made a contingency plan. Reddick has obviously honored his contract and some, he isn’t leaving until 2024. I can also promise you Reddick won’t be going back to Xfinity full time, plenty of owners will put him in a car on a one year deal.

    3. Contract honored. Just didn’t intend to sign up for a new one. Still under contract through next year. 🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. He is honor his contract it will expire at the end of next season then he moves to 23Xi. If Childress wants him gone sooner then he has to honor the contract. He will have to pay Reddick.

      2. Problem is the way he left Childress. Richard finds out in matter of minutes of the public before a race. Lack of professionalism. All good there are plenty of drivers who would love a major team Lajoe comes to mind. Tyler jumps around like a pin ball.

    4. Reddick IS honoring his contract. He’s there through the ‘23 season. It’s the crotchety old coot who wants him gone now. Yes, the timing of it all sucked. Ty should’ve informed his team way before an hours notice of the press release. Makes one wonder… why would a young stud give up such a great opportunity to race for 23Xi? It’s not like the Jordan team is tearing things up out there. Yes, they’re improving a lot. There’s still the learning curve with this relatively new team, compared to the mega bucks race proven team Ty is leaving. Could it be that it’s more of a stresser racing for RCR, and Ty wants to walk?

    5. I respect your opinion. I think the situation could have been handled differently. I also take into consideration what Tyler’s thoughts were At the time. Try and remember that He is a young man still figuring this “life” thing out. Also. I personally think that he is a smart young man and has compassion for others. I don’t think he takes pride in upsetting RCR but he is his own man with a family that he has taking the responsibility to support and provide for. Makes me want to commend him on the approach he took on the situation at hand. after I took his age and other factors into consideration like that as we all know in this day and age that the almighty Dollar rules all unfortunately , but he probably saw a very respectable amount of money offered from 23xi that he could use for his young and upcoming family.

  2. Dana Brunkhorst

    Lot of that stuff happens. Remember when Jeff Gordon stuck it up Bill Davis’ nose? He was driving for Bill Davis in Busch and there were plans in place for them to go to cup together. But he went and signed with Hendrick stuck it to Davis. He may have been a good driver but he’s a crappy person.

    1. John David Mott

      Gordon wanted Evernham to move from the Davis Busch team to the Davis Cup team. Davis didn’t agree. Rick Hendrick did.

    2. I’m not interested in a argument or trying to be impolite or rude. Im just interested in your opinion on Gordon being a “Crappy person”. If you could tell me some other instances or examples that Jeff Gordon may have done or said recently or in the past that confirms or even swayed your personal opinion that direction.

  3. Childress wastes his money putting a no talent grandson in a car. I would run the other way too.
    Go Tyler, fuck Richard.

    1. In a car number that was supposedly PERMANENTLY retired after Earnhart’s death. Lost all respect for him at that point

      1. Well, ol’ Pop Pop will still have Austin to bring up the rear of the parade. Hell, he might just find a way to bring Ty back to RCR so they can see who can waste the most sponsor money.
        At least Pop Pop can still watch Austin’s horrendous “reality show” to soften the blow of Reddick leaving.

      2. It was never said that the 3 would be permanently retired What was said is only Chidress could bring back the 3. And I remember well him saying “maybe, when the time is right.”

  4. Reddick may be a good driver, but has no respect for anyone over 30 yrs old. He should have kept his mouth shut until this time next year. This shows me he no allegiance to anyone but himself. RCR put him where is at today. He may have skills but without a class A ride that means shit.

    1. I honestly don’t think RCR is a class a ride anymore since Harvick left, don’t know what’s going on in that racing stable but it’s not like you hear about RCR like you used to, now its Hendricks and Gibbs the last few years, but also with this new car you are seeing guys win that you wouldn’t think of, seems like more of an even playing field

    2. How do YOU know he has no respect for anyone over the age of 30?
      Both his future bosses over there at 23XI are over 30.
      Take the words auto racing out of this back and forth bitch fest going on here and replace them with Carpenter or Plumber or any regular Joes kind of job.
      If you were offered a better contract from someone other than your current employer wouldn’t you consider it?
      All the drivers in NASCAR are employees, and most keep an ear open to better offers.

      1. Gibbs is the boss of 23xi just a way to get around only having 4 cars and notice how Nascar let them switch crews between 2 different “owners” just proves the point.

  5. Shirley Cooper

    Good for Richard send him on his way. I have always pulled for Tyler but not anymore. What a jerk he turned out to be. Richard should just get him out of there ASAP he doesn’t deserve any loyalty from RCR.

  6. What is Childress upset about? He should have resigned Reddick to a long-term deal, now he’s pissed because Tyler has moved on. He IS honoring his contract, his new deal starts in 2024, if RC doesn’t want him I’m sure his new team will get him on the track in ‘23

  7. I like Tyler but he showed he has no idea how to treat a Team that got behind him after he was let go at JRM! Now I see why Dale got rid of him! No loyalty! Hope he never wins after leaving RCR!

  8. Richard Childress should know that this is a business and if you snooze you lose. He should be upset with himself for not signing the young talent. Another who follows NASCAR knows that owners often do not should loyalty. Mark Martin agreed to stay on with Roush Racing for an extra year and then he vanished.

  9. So if everyone knew this rumor about him leaving surly to God Richard knew it too. If he knew it why didn’t he sign him to a new contract and keep hm long term? To me that tells me that Richard wasn’t sure if he was gonna resign Tyler or not. He had no reason being upset at anyone but himself if that’s the case.

  10. Francis Hopping

    Your on a team with the owners grandson as a teammate. Questions of who was getting the quality car and equipment was on Tyler’s mind and played into him seaking a new team.

  11. Like baseball and hockey Denny and Jordan should be fined by NASCAR for talking to someone still under contract with another team. Plus Denny should have had more respect for Richard and keep his pie hole shut!!!!

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