Denny Hamlin on the potential that Kurt Busch’s injury could force him to call it quits earlier than planned

Denny Hamlin on the potential that Kurt Busch’s injury could force him to call it quits earlier than planned

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23XI Racing No.45 driver  Kurt Busch was yet again absent for another race in the NASCAR Cup Series on Sunday at Richmond as he’s still suffering from brain injuries following a crash in a July qualifying session.

Kurt Buch was injured during qualifying for the week at Pocono Raceway while going through Turn 3.

Busch has provided several updates via social media on his physical recovery from his absence the Cup Series. 

“Brain injury recovery doesn’t always take a linear path. I’ve been feeling well in my recovery, but this week I pushed to get my heart rate and body in a race simulation type environment, and it’s clear I’m not ready to be back in the race car.” Kurt Busch said 

The 44-year-old has a waiver to hold his spot in NASCAR Cup Series playoff field should he qualify.

Following some comments from  23XInco-owner Denny Hamlin, it appears possible that Kurt Busch might not return at all to racing.


When asked about the conditions of Kurt Busch and if he will return Hamlin replied.

“I mean, it’s concerning, for sure,” said Hamlin, the co-owner 23XI Racing Toyota. “You know, I’m mostly concerned for his health and not really for the race team. 

“We want to give him all the time he needs [to recover], and this is proof that he’s doing right by his body and making sure he’s back to 100 percent. “

However he when asked if the team had a contingency plan for 2023 if Kurt Busch isn’t able to race.

“I mean, we’re always thinking about it,” he said at Richmond. “We’re as forward-thinking as you can possibly be as a race team. But ultimately we’re not, and we can’t rush Kurt’s health. But we’re always trying to come up with contingency plans based off of any other scenario that might get thrown our way.”

Denny Hamlin says they (23xi) always think ahead, so they have thought about what to do if Busch doesn’t return to racing because they are always thinking about those type of what-if scenarios.

Kurt Busch has fewest points among those with 1 win so if there is 17 winners he’d likely be out of the playoffs.

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